Youth hats

In the global market for the production of fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories, youth fashion has a separate and quite significant niche. Fashionable youth winter and autumn hats for girls are a vivid confirmation of this. With these stylish headwear, young fashionistas can express themselves, demonstrate their own style and ability to think outside the box. If in the past the hat was considered an extremely practical accessory, the wearing of which was associated with a spoiled hairstyle and an absurd look, today girls pay close attention to this headdress. A hat that is properly matched to the ensemble allows you to complete the bow. In some cases, this accessory is assigned the role of a dominant in a fashionable image. What hat to choose to look perfect?

The models of hats that exist today, proposed by leading democratic youth brands, can be conditionally divided into three groups. The first includes women’s hats, the second – men’s, and the third – unisex models. By the way, the third group is the most popular and wide. Each of the above groups is distinguished by a number of features that are inherent in the design and tailoring of hats. Young girls zealously follow the latest fashion trends, but at the same time they pay great attention to their own individuality. Fortunately, a wide selection of trendy youth hats allows you to choose exactly the model that will meet all the requirements.

Unisex hats

In this category, the most popular model is stylish youth knitted hats, called sock hats. These hats are a modification of the popular beanie, suitable for almost all outfits. A chunky knit sock-hat can be worn with a short down jacket, bomber jacket, parka and even a sheepskin coat, complementing the look with leggings or jeans. An autumn sock-hat made of fine wool or knitwear will also go well with a classic tweed coat. Such combinations are incredibly popular today, as they reflect the philosophical dogma widespread among the youth that style does not create a person, but a person creates style. The neglect of the main stylistic canons gave rise to the now popular fusion style. The popularity of sock hats is explained by their high variability. You can model the elongated part of the cap on the head in different ways. If you want to look bold – move the hat to the very back of your head, brutal and mysterious – pull it over your eyebrows and put on glasses.

Women’s hats

The leader in this group are, of course, beanie hats. They can be voluminous or tight-fitting to the head, plain or multi-colored, knitted or knitted. Actual images can be created by putting on youth beanie hats with a pompom on top. Beanie hats are available in a range of colors to match your wardrobe. Designers suggest paying attention to hats with geometric patterns, ethnic-style patterns and bright large prints.

Among the winter models of winter hats, stylish earflaps stand out. They can be knitted or fur. There are also models made from materials of different textures. Fur youth hats with long “ears” fit perfectly into everyday style, and the warmth they give makes you forget that winter is outside. Basically, long-haired fur is used for sewing such models, but youth women’s mink hats also deserve attention. They go well with a classic coat and a fur coat.