youth hats for girls

Young people are now happy to wear hats such as hats, as they have become not only a way to protect themselves from wind, cold and precipitation, but also a fashion accessory, a bright wardrobe item. Youth hats for girls help to express themselves, emphasize their individuality and unique style in clothes.

Youth autumn hats

Youth women’s hats differ depending on the season for which they are intended. Hats for autumn are lighter and warmer, mostly knitted or sewn models.

Knitted youth hats amaze with a variety of design and decoration. Each girl can choose what she likes best. For several seasons, the so-called hats-socks or hats-stockings have remained popular — these are models that tightly fit the head and have an elongated upper part, somewhat reminiscent of a gnome’s hat. Such popularity of sock caps is connected, first of all, with the wide possibilities of individualization of the model, since the long top of the cap can be laid in many different ways. In addition, such hats are often decorated with various accessories, embroidery, logos and inscriptions. Knitted stylish youth hats, decorated with various types of knitting, are in fashion now: braids, patterns, voluminous details. Hats in the form of muzzles of animals with ears at the top are popular, as well as various models of youth hats with pompons.

Among the embroidered models, tight-fitting hats made of fine jersey, on the fabric of which various patterns are applied, stand out. This season’s most popular print — space — has also found its way onto headwear. Reproduction of photographs of a sky dotted with stars, illuminated by supernova explosions and planetary views, look very impressive and unusual. Another model of a fashionable youth hat was a leather helmet, demonstrated on the catwalks last season. It looks very fresh and extravagant and, at the same time, reliably protects from wind and cold.

Youth winter hats

Women’s winter youth hats are thicker, warmer and some other materials are used. So, in winter, a youth fur mink hat, reminiscent of the one worn by the heroine of Barbara Brylsky from The Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath, will be an excellent solution for a headdress. This hat model suits almost all girls, it is warm, and due to the special way of “knitting” the fur, it is also very comfortable and not heavy. Also, women’s mink youth hats with earflaps, which look lighter than men’s, do not lag behind in popularity. They are usually made of fur of a lighter color, and are also decorated with various details: pompoms, edges and tassels.

Knitted winter hats usually have two layers, which allows you to more reliably retain heat. Here, the palm of sock caps is intercepted by models made in large knitting with lapels, often decorated with pompoms. They can have both a classic shape and repeat the style of hats with earflaps. Models elongated from above also do not lose popularity. A variety of insulated berets are good for cold weather, as they are often supplied with additional fleece or even fur lining.

Variety reigns in the design of knitted hats. This season, monophonic models of bright, flashy, acid colors are popular, as well as hats with small stripes or decorated with a variety of “alpine” ornaments: knitted deer, snowflakes, bunnies. Hats with the “degrade” effect look very nice, where the threads gradually change to yarn a few tones lighter, creating the effect of “flowing” of color.