For teenagers, youth backpacks are cult accessories that emphasize the style of their clothes and even belonging to a particular subculture. Buying a backpack is not a difficult task, but choosing a high-quality and stylish model is much more difficult. Fortunately, some brands that produce backpacks have long established themselves as manufacturers of quality accessories. We will tell you about which brands deserve attention in a brief review on backpacks.

The best backpacks for teenagers

More recently, teenagers went crazy with the fashionable mustache print, and today youth backpacks with owls are in trend. You can buy models with large and small prints, and even backpacks stylized as owls. Such accessories are chosen by self-confident teenagers who are not afraid to look original, bright, and even outrageous.

Backpacks of excellent quality are produced by a well-known brand Herschel. These accessories are the result of the work of designers inspired by American classic style, world tours, hiking in the mountains with like-minded people. Herschel youth backpacks are made of durable nylon. Genuine leather is used as inserts, and the quality of accessories is excellent.

But youth backpacks Vans is the epitome of sporty style. You can choose a universal accessory, made in a laconic style, or get a stylish model in bright colors. The variety of colors and excellent quality make Vans backpacks in demand and very popular.

Youth backpacks Grizzly are highly functional, as each model has several compartments, many pockets. Stylish colors deserve special attention.

Any youth backpack of an Austrian brand walker will become a reliable accessory for a teenager who has a sense of taste.

Teenage girls will not be indifferent to the juicy floral prints of youth backpacks Dakine. Most models are orthopedic.

Another example of high quality and affordable prices is youth backpacks. Enrico Benettipresented in a wide range.

And brave teenagers can get a real exclusive, which is a non-trivial youth backpack. Madpax, resembling a shell with large spikes. Surprised, delighted and shocked looks are provided to you.