ladies white watch

White color is so beautiful, unusual and, at the same time, universal. After all, it is combined with all the other shades in the palette. Therefore, it is not surprising that women’s white watches have become very popular, since quality branded watches are not a cheap purchase, and you want them to look stylish and fit a large number of outfits.

Classic white watch

White women’s watches have already become a fashionable classic, they are appreciated by many girls and women for their versatility, as such watch models can be worn both with everyday clothes and with sets for the evening. Despite the restrained color, a white watch is always noticeable, it serves as a stylish and fashionable accessory that can complete the look and emphasize the individuality of its mistress. Many modern watch companies, along with the traditional black and brown, also produce versions of classic watch models in white. Women’s ceramic white watches are especially popular among customers, as models with such a coating do not turn yellow over time, which means that these watches can be worn for many years.

Classic-shaped watches usually have simple, graceful outlines. The dial also looks very recognizable. Such women’s watches are most often equipped with a white leather or ceramic-coated metal strap, less often textiles and leather are used. Models in a classic style fit perfectly even in strict business attire, but they can emphasize the fragility of a woman’s wrist and pair with a delicate romantic dress.

Women’s sports white watch

Women’s watches in white in a sporty style look more massive than classic models. They strive for a unisex style, that is, one that suits both men and women. Sports watches are usually equipped with additional unusual options, for example, the chronometer dial can have three additional numerical displays. Often, sports watches do not use classical mechanisms, but electronic windows with time information. Most often, the strap of such watches is also massive, made of ceramic or fabric. Recently, white watches with a silicone strap have become widespread. Despite the external massiveness, such watch models emphasize the beauty and grace of the female wrist unusually well, and the passion for combining things from different styles has led to the fact that now it is quite appropriate to wear a similar model of a sports chronometer along with a romantic dress for a walk or with a business blouse and trousers to work in the office.