rado ladies watch

As you know, accessories play an important role in creating the image. Rado women’s watches, having their own recognizable style, will undoubtedly perfectly complement the look of a modern, fashionable girl and will be able to tell others about her delicate taste.

Swiss watch Rado – “not for everyone, but for everyone”

The history of Rado began in 1917. 40 years later, already quite a large, well-known company made a revolutionary step in the watch industry – released a model, the material for which was a special type of ceramics. The main advantage of ceramics was that watches made from it acquired not only a completely unusual look, but also durability.

Rado ceramic women’s watches have been made for many years from fine particles of zirconium oxide. In order for the raw material to take shape, it is pressed and sintered in an oven, after which it is polished with diamond powder.

Currently, Rado women’s wristwatches are also made from various hard alloys, sapphire glasses, decorated with diamonds and sapphires.

The company Rado has many awards, titles, notorious women of our country wear watches of this company, for example, Tatyana Navka and Valeria.

The original Rado watch is an accessory over which time has no power

There are many reasons to buy expensive, but amazing watches of this brand:

  1. Personalized design will draw attention to itself. Specialists are constantly working on non-standard solutions and quite often new models are released that amaze with their originality.
  2. You can not be afraid of scratching a Rado ceramic watch – it is almost impossible, they do not break, they can withstand extreme temperature changes.
  3. The manufacturability of Rado watches made of ceramics can only cause delight. The process of creating the next model is compared with the design of an aircraft – all parameters are thoroughly calculated using a computer. In the early 2000s, for example, watches were produced and released, the hands of which are translated by a magnet and two fields with opposite charges. This model simply does not have an external winding element.

Most often, women’s Rado ceramic watches are black, but this accessory is found in white, blue. The model range of the original Rado watches is well presented – even the most demanding fashionista – a business woman, an athlete or just a stylish woman, will be able to pick up an unsurpassed copy for herself.