Women's wallets

A stylish handy wallet is not just a popular accessory, but also an indispensable component of a fashionable image. Fortunately, modern manufacturers offer girls many models that have a thoughtful appearance and ergonomic design.

Stylish wallets are produced by brands such as JCCS, Visconti, Bretto, Dr. Bond, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Givenchy and Prada. Well-known brands decorate products with branded logos and inscriptions that testify to the exclusivity of the item. The Elisir brand, which produces women’s wallets with Swarovski, also stood out. Unfortunately, stylish women’s wallets from world brands are often made, so it’s better to go to official outlets for a purchase.

Fashionable women’s wallets and purses

All products are conventionally classified by size, shape and number of compartments. Given this classification, the following models can be distinguished:

  1. Small women’s wallets. These are miniature models of double or triple addition, designed to be carried in a handbag or back pocket of pants. A small women’s wallet has several compartments for banknotes and plastic cards. Some models are equipped with a coin box. Small accessories fit in any bag and clutch, so there are no problems with wearing.
  2. Large women’s wallets. Elegant status models of a rather large size, in which banknotes are worn without bending. A large women’s wallet is quite roomy, so it has all kinds of compartments (for banknotes, SIM cards, credit cards, business cards). Some models even have a special compartment for a mobile phone. The main disadvantage: the product does not fit into some models of bags.
  3. Women’s bag-purse. But what if you wear a purse not in your hand, but like a bag, that is, on a strap? Designers offer girls new interesting models with a detachable strap. These products are slightly larger than classic purses and act as an organizer. They can store not only banknotes, but also documents, telephone, cosmetics. A women’s clutch wallet is a universal purchase for every fashionista.
  4. Women’s wallet with a zipper. As a rule, this is a rather roomy model, which is fastened with a metal zipper. Such a clasp ensures that the accessory does not open from careless movement, so you can be calm about its contents.

How to choose a women’s wallet?

A purse is an accessory that is associated with heavy wear and tear. It is often held in hands, opened and closed, sometimes even dropped, so it is extremely important that the quality is at a high level. The most common wallet material is leather. It is very pleasant to the touch, does not wear out and does not shed. The only drawback: small cracks appear on soft skin. To avoid rapid wear, choose accessories made of calfskin, crocodile or snakeskin.

You can also choose from textiles. Although they do not differ in an expensive look and durability, but the fabric base allows you to make them original and light.

During the purchase, pay attention to the quality of the tailoring of the product. Seams, buttons and linings must be sewn evenly, protruding threads and seizing fasteners are unacceptable. The model you choose should fit comfortably in your hand and have all the necessary compartments. Whether it will be a compartment for large bills, credit cards, coins or business cards — you decide for yourself. And last but not least — the wallet should fit in your favorite handbag! Otherwise, you will need to purchase an additional money clip or get used to wearing them in a clutch.