Women's urban backpack

Fashion for bags comes and goes, but the backpack remains relevant at all times. Although initially this accessory was intended for carrying heavy loads, today it has acquired a full-fledged status as a fashionable accent.

Urban backpacks for women: what are their advantages?

One of the indisputable advantages of a women’s urban backpack is its practicality and thoughtfulness. Wide straps evenly distribute the load and the back is “grateful” for it, and a large number of different compartments makes it possible to conveniently arrange everything you need and find your place for every little thing.

Recently, more and more women are paying attention to sports bags. They do not look bulky or baggy, and they can hold a lot of things. They will be appreciated by both young female students and mothers with small children. By the way, it is worth noting that there are very stylish models for business people who help them out on business trips and at the same time go well with business attire.

When buying a particular model, remember: a backpack should not become a useless decor. He must fully cope with his functions. If you need to place a lot of small things, give preference to models up to 30 liters. When buying, pay attention to the package: ideally, there should be two large compartments, pockets for the phone and small things.

Fashionable women’s backpacks

After urban backpacks for women began to enjoy huge popularity, many brands have released their models.

  1. The first place, of course, will always be occupied by sports brands. They were the first to produce urban views for recreation, and the design is backed up by undeniable quality. Of course, the appearance of almost all models from sports brands is made in the appropriate stylistic direction. Unfortunately, sports brands began to produce purely female models not so long ago. Initially, either men’s or unisex models were presented.
  2. Women’s needs are fully satisfied fashion houses. A stylish women’s backpack from different brands can be purchased for all occasions. Cheaper options are made of nylon, and there are quite expensive types of genuine leather and suede. They are absolutely not inferior in appearance to fashionable handbags.
  3. For busy people, urban leather women’s backpacks will be an excellent option. This is not only a demonstration of status or wealth, but an elegant addition to a business suit. Often it is used for business trips and put inside not only securities, but a laptop. So, in addition to a presentable appearance, such an accessory can also boast of spaciousness.

Stylish women’s backpack

The Chloe fashion house is rightfully considered one of the most successful in creating a women’s urban backpack. The brand offers very interesting types of leather. For example, a model with a strap tightened on top can be worn not only on the shoulder, but also on the arm. The only drawback of fashion accessories from Chloe is their price: you will have to pay about one and a half thousand dollars for a leather bag-backpack.

The well-known Burberry house successfully coped with the creation of a fashion accessory. The brand has released many models for different ages and occasions. They are united only by a cell recognizable all over the world.

More traditional options are offered by Prada. As before, the Italian house produces products of the highest quality. For the first time, designers abandoned the use of calfskin and began to create from high-quality nylon. The fashion house offers a variety of models from small ones for walking to quite roomy for practical people.