Panama is a very important and necessary element of the summer wardrobe. This hat will not only protect you from the scorching rays of the sun and allow you to be on the beach at any time of the day, but also complete the look in style. Of course, in order to be fashionable and original, you need to know which summer panamas are popular in the current season.

Denim Panama. Denim models are considered the most fashionable. By the way, denim panamas have been in fashion for several seasons in a row. You can safely start wearing this headdress from the middle of spring, thereby stylishly emphasizing your individuality and good taste. Today, designers offer classic panamas made of denim or combinations of denim with straw or cotton. Also in fashion are models with wide brim, reminiscent of a hat, but characterized by a soft texture of the material.

Panama with a bow. Models with a beautiful bow will add femininity and tenderness to your summer look. You can choose a panama with a large bright accessory or a headdress, complemented by small contrasting bows. It all depends on how much you strive to demonstrate romance and carelessness in your bow.

Knitted Panama. The most unusual and literally unique are women’s handmade panama hats from the sun. Such models are mainly presented from light yarn. Needlewomen complement knitted panama hats with satin ribbons or woven decor, which beautifully suits a light look for the beach.

What to wear with a women’s panama?

There are a lot of options for combinations with women’s panama. If you are heading to the beach, shorts and a T-shirt or wrestling suit will be the right wardrobe. For an active walk in the city, light-fitting jeans and a loose tunic are best suited for panama. A romantic feminine bow women’s summer panama will complete in combination with a casual dress made of cambric or thin cotton. Complement the image with a small handbag and dark glasses, and then your appearance will be memorable and original.