Women's leather wallets

A wallet is an accessory that speaks of the status of a woman, so it should be stylish, high-quality, modern and definitely reflect your lifestyle. So, active young girls choose compact models of triple addition, a businesswoman – a purse or classic long ones, fashionistas – clutch wallets. But the wallet type is just the beginning!

Stingray leather women’s wallets

Do you want to have an original and beautiful wallet? Then pay attention to models made of stingray leather, they are very unusual and beautiful. Designers perfectly beat the natural texture, getting the perfect material for luxury wallets. The skin of the stingray is covered with many pimples that look like a scattering of small polished stones. For designers, such a drawing is just a gift! They apply paint of several shades to the skin, getting an excellent pattern with smooth lines and transitions. The second option is plain wallets, classic colors are most often chosen for them:

  • red;
  • black;
  • brown.

A simple pattern in a contrasting color on the front side of the accessory can give it elegance and sophistication. This year, a women’s purse made of stingray leather with a rich pattern was presented: in the center there was a rhombus with rounded edges, and the rest of the purse was dotted with crescents. An original exotic leather accessory is what a successful woman needs.

Handmade leather wallets

If you want to buy a wallet in an ethnic style or with an antique effect, then you need to turn to hand-made craftsmen who create unique models of women’s wallets made of genuine leather. You can choose an accessory for yourself from ready-made catalogs or tell the master how you see your future wallet – for the craftsman there is nothing easier than to turn the drawings from your imagination into reality.

Rivets, snakes, buttons and even buckles are selected as fasteners. The main decorations for the wallet are embroidery, curly stitching and leather patches. Do not be afraid that all handmade leather wallets are made only of coarse material and have a natural color. For the manufacture of the accessory, pig, calf and deer skin is used, which can be either glossy or matte.

In terms of practicality, such models are not inferior to branded products – they have the required number of pockets, high-quality fittings and durable leather.

Italian wallets

Italy is famous for its emotionality and expressiveness, so their wallet models always surprise with their brightness, style and luxury. Designers use the best materials, so their products have been out of competition for many years.

Leather women’s branded wallets from Italy are a guarantee of quality and style, so when choosing a fashionable and practical accessory for yourself, be sure to look at the collections of Italian brands that can pleasantly surprise you.

Each of the brands has its own corporate identity, which distinguishes their products from others. So, the Borghese brand creates practical classic models that conquer with sophistication, Tumble & Hide wins the hearts of women with traditional technology and handmade work, Paolo Truzzi conquers with richness of colors and excellent value for money, so multi-colored women’s leather wallets of this brand quickly conquered Europe and Asia. Every year, these and other companies present collections that cannot leave any woman indifferent.

How to clean a leather wallet?

In order for leather products to retain their original appearance for a long time, it is necessary to properly care for them. For this you will need the following products:

  • water;
  • soap;
  • woolen fabric;
  • any soft fabric;
  • ammonia.

Before cleaning the wallet, it is necessary to remove all banknotes, business cards, coins, cards from it and leave it in a room with dry air at room temperature. This is necessary so that the skin does not shrink and wrinkles do not form. After that, it is necessary to remove all stains from the surface (for example, from a ballpoint pen) with alcohol. Next, dilute 10 grams of soap and one tablespoon of ammonia in 100 ml of warm water. Soak a cotton swab in the resulting liquid and wipe the wallet thoroughly. Then dry it with a soft cloth and rub it to a shine with wool.

In this way, you can clean a wallet made of any genuine leather.