women's leather shoulder bags

Choosing a bag is a real epic for any fashionista. It should be roomy, but not heavy, stylish, but at the same time not flashy, combined with clothes and shoes, suitable for different looks … The list of requirements for the perfect bag can be expanded indefinitely — each girl will add her own couple of points to it.

Leather shoulder bags have been and remain the most versatile option — stylish, comfortable and versatile. It is about them that we will talk.

Large leather shoulder bags

For everyday life, girls need comfortable and roomy bags. With such it is convenient to go to the store, to study or to the office — anywhere. At the same time, you can be sure that all the necessary little things — from lipstick to a tablet or a folder with papers — will be at your fingertips.

This season, it is important that the bag does not resemble a huge trunk — such models are a thing of the past. Choose neater options with a well-defined shape, but not necessarily with a rigid frame. The most relevant today are rectangular and trapezoidal, of medium size. Those who are unable to refuse cozy soft handbags-bags should pay attention to medium-sized models.

Small leather shoulder bag

A small handbag is useful at a party, a short walk, a date — in all cases when the necessary minimum fits in the palms, and carrying a bulky bag is not very convenient. Besides, whatever one may say, big bags are never dressy enough — they always have a touch of prosaic utilitarianism.

Saturated colors are better suited for autumn and winter, but delicate pastels will perfectly fit into the summer-spring look. However, modern fashion is very democratic and has long ceased to shackle fashionistas and fashionistas into stylistic or coloristic frames.

Various decor — embroidery, appliqués, weaving, rivets, spikes — will only add charm to the handbag. If you are not a fan of lavishly decorated accessories, your choice is minimalist bag models. Jewelry on such handbags may not be at all, but they will attract attention with an unusual shape or a beautiful shade.

As you can see, women’s leather shoulder bags can be very diverse. In this variety, you can easily find a modest “workhorse” that will serve you faithfully for more than one season, without differing in style delights, and an unusual star handbag that instantly turns any image into an original one, but at the same time it is suitable only for attending parties or social events.

You can see photos of stylish bags in the gallery below.