Women's hats for the winter

You can do without a hat in winter, but why sacrifice comfort and endanger your health if you can get a beautiful headdress that will emphasize the chosen style? Autumn and winter will not take you by surprise, because women’s hats are presented today in a wide range. Now there is no need to sacrifice warmth for the sake of beauty.

Knitted women’s hats

Hats knitted from yarn can be called the most practical, comfortable and versatile, so both women and men prefer them. A knitted hat purchased for the winter will allow you to successfully complete everyday looks and feel comfortable in any weather. Models of hats for women for the winter please with a variety, but in the first place in terms of demand and popularity are stylish beanies that fit well into fashionable styles today. Beanie hats, which many call bean hats, are worn by both teenage girls and older women who prefer to dress in a casual style. If you want to look feminine, and bring the style of clothing closer to the classic, choose knitted or cashmere beanies. Fashionable beanie hats knitted with thick yarn with a lapel or pompom will help to emphasize the sporty style in winter, while oversized voluminous models will allow you to create incredibly stylish bows with notes of grunge and fusion styles. A novelty in the fashion world – beanie hats with a short veil. Surprisingly, dynamics and romance are combined in such models.

Among the models proposed by designers for the winter, women’s knitted hats in oriental style, which are made in the form of a turban, stand out. The turban hat is an upgraded beanie style with a matching décor on the front. Despite the pronounced youth style, the turban cap gives the girls a subtle charm of the fairy-tale world of the East. Such models look especially impressive on girls who prefer to wear their hair loose.

Large-knit earflaps are still in trend, ideally combined with sports down jackets and parka jackets. A knitted hat with earflaps with suede or leather inserts will help to add dynamism to the image, and models in delicate pastel colors will make the image a little naive, childishly touching. Complex prints are giving way to simple geometric patterns and patterns in ethnic style. In the autumn-winter period, not only classic dark colors are relevant. Stylish hats in bright colors and their combinations look fashionable and relevant.

Fur hats for women

Paying tribute to the fleeting fashion, we should not forget about the time-tested fur hats. Models made of astrakhan, fox, silver fox, arctic fox, raccoon or mink allow you to look luxurious in any weather. It is not necessary to wear a classic kubanka or a fur beret. Designers made sure that fur hats looked stylish, and winter gave the girls not only warmth, but also an original appearance. Why not fill up your wardrobe with a fur hat with earflaps? In such a headdress you will look fashionable and incredibly feminine. Take a closer look at the combined models made of natural fur and rough leather. In combination with a down jacket or a quilted jacket, a hat with earflaps looks very romantic, and pom-poms on long “ears” bring a touch of impudence and coquetry to the image.