women's hat with a visor

The onset of the cold season, one way or another, makes fashionistas think about a warm wardrobe. One of the essential accessories of a warmed image is a stylish hat. This season, designers have brought to the attention of girls interesting models of hats with a visor. According to the stylists, the choice of just such a design of a headdress will ensure the individuality and originality of the image, as well as emphasize the ability to approach the choice of wardrobe with imagination and creativity.

The most common are demi-season or insulated models of women’s hats with a visor made of materials such as knitwear, cashmere, velor, velveteen. Such hats are more suitable for lovers of classic or casual style. The most relevant style this season is considered to be a women’s beret hat with a visor, which is very popular with business women.

The knitted model is considered the most versatile and comfortable women’s hat with a visor. This is due to the large selection of various yarns. A knitted hat with a visor can be both a demi-season and a winter option. Most often, these models have voluminous patterns and coarse knitting. This season, women’s knitted hats with a beveled visor have become very popular.

Winter hat with visor

When choosing a model of a winter hat with a visor, designers single out a fur cap as the most fashionable in the current season. Of course, the warmest and most beautiful hats are made of natural fur. However, artificial substitutes also look quite stylish. According to stylists, such fashionable fur accessories will perfectly complement both a business look and a youth and street style. As additions to fur caps, bright brooches made of rhinestones or Swarovski stones are best.