Women's fur berets

Today, the requirements for a winter headdress are high, because women try to take care not only of warmth and health, but also of beauty.

In winter, fur is one of the most popular materials, be it natural or artificial. Each of them has its pros and cons, and each helps to create an incredibly beautiful product that pleases the eye and, most importantly, warms on frosty days.

Choosing fur berets

First of all, it must be said that the fur beret gives additional volume, which does not always emphasize female beauty. Girls with an elongated oval face should give up excess volume so that the proportions of the head and body are in harmony. For all other girls, fur and voluminous hats will fit and decorate their appearance.

Natural fur berets

Fur beret from mink is not just warmth, but also luxury. The fluffy animal, thanks to its fur, has become a real target for fashionistas and women who like to emphasize their status.

Women’s berets made of fox or raccoon fur do not look as impressive as those made of mink, but, nevertheless, they are popular because they are fur and much cheaper than mink.

When choosing a fur beret, pay attention to its quality and color – women belonging to cold color types are more suitable for furs with a silvery sheen, and warm shades of fur are suitable for women corresponding to the autumn and spring color types.

Fashionable faux fur berets

Faux fur today is much more profitable to wear – it looks no worse than natural, and sometimes even better, it is not expensive, and at the same time, animals remain safe and sound. Such advantages are simply incomparable with the outdated stereotype that natural fur is the highest class and the dream of any young lady.

A knitted beret made of fur allows you to embody almost any fantasy – fur yarn can be dyed in any color, and with the help of knitting needles you can recreate any pattern.

Knitted berets with fur do not tolerate dampness very well, and therefore it is preferable to wear them in frosty weather.