Women's Gym Fitness Bags

Modern women are no longer focused solely on fashionable things. It is much more important now to observe moderation and practicality in everything. Designers work tirelessly, offering more and more new trends to satisfy the desires and needs of every woman. Women’s sports bags are full of a variety of styles, sizes and colors, they have their own characteristics and nuances. It is important to determine which of them will be ideal for you and — you can safely go shopping!

Types of sports bags for fitness

To begin with, it is worth understanding the purpose of the bag. For those sports where voluminous equipment is expected (racquets, balls, etc.), select voluminous models, respectively. If you visit a fitness center, work out on simulators and your entire sports outfit is a tank, leggings and light sneakers, then a small leather bag with a long belt will be enough.

According to the shape, we can conditionally distinguish several main styles of bags for fitness:

  1. Rectangular bags. Suitable for women for whom the essence is more important than the shell. This model is the epitome of functionality and practicality. Softness and lightness can be added to the strict forms of such a bag by coloring or material. Separately, it is worth noting that this model is suitable not only for visiting the gym, but also for traveling.
  2. Trapeze bags. The form, expanding towards the bottom, is reflected in a large number of models. It is good because, despite its apparent diminutiveness, it is very roomy. It may have only a few pockets: one invoice and one hidden pockets. These fitness bags look more feminine. Most often they go without a belt, with two elongated handles that allow you to carry such a bag both in your hands and on your shoulder.
  3. Semicircular bags. Functional and very neat looking. Due to their size and the absence of protruding corners, they do not create discomfort in public transport, they are easier to follow. Inside they usually have several compartments. They keep their shape well, look better in hands, even if the manufacturer provides a long strap.
  4. Barrel bags. Suitable for extraordinary and spontaneous girls who always have their own opinion and their own view of any situation. More youth model. Good sports bags for sports and fitness from year to year are represented by Converse and Tommy Hilfiger. The sports brand Fred Perry has a more status model — white and made of genuine leather.
  5. Bags-bags. Not the best option for a fitness bag. This model is rather transitional from sporty style to urban casual. Despite the visible volume, due to the lack of a rigid form, such a bag is not structured enough inside. Most likely, things in it will be crowded in one place, creating inconvenience and discomfort.

Materials of bags for sports and fitness

Most products are made from synthetic fabrics (most often polyester).

They are perfectly erased and do not lose their attractive appearance even after several years of operation. The cost of the bag and the level of the brand will manifest itself over time: how quickly creases appear, whether the color is lost and how quickly the inscriptions, if any, will be erased. If you are looking for an inexpensive fitness bag, then you should pay attention to models made of tougher polyester — it will not go limp after the first wash.

A leather fitness bag is a tempting and attractive option, but be prepared that it will cost like a good Italian one. The plus point is that the leather product will perfectly fit into your urban everyday wardrobe.