women's belt bag

A belt bag or, as it is called in a different way, a belt bag or a belt purse is a thing that always remains in fashion. Such a bag is simply an indispensable thing for traveling and hiking, when there is a large backpack behind your back or a heavy bag in your hand, and all the time you have to look for some little things: either money, or a phone … This is extremely inconvenient. But a waist bag solves all such problems, since it is in it that you can put all these small, but such necessary gizmos, so that they are always within reach. But such a handbag can be not only a matter of convenience, but also be a very stylish accessory that is not ashamed to wear not only on a hike, but also on a walk around the city. Let’s take a closer look at what a women’s belt bag is, what varieties it has and what it is best to wear it with.

Sports waist bag

This kind of bag is most suitable for hiking and traveling, as well as, for example, for morning jogging, when the backpack seems to get in the way, but you need to put your keys and phone somewhere. The sporty style of these bags means that they will be worn with a tracksuit or with jeans and a shirt or T-shirt. Such a belt bag will not fit a dress or even a skirt. But on the other hand, in sports models there are usually many different pockets and pockets in which you can hide a lot of various necessary little things. So even though such a bag is not the best choice for everyday wear, it is just the thing for travel.

Leather belt bag

But a much more interesting option is a waist bag made of leather or high-quality leatherette. These bags are different in shape, but their style is always perfectly sustained. You won’t be so eager to take a women’s leather belt bag on a hike anymore, because it looks too stylish and fits any outfit chic. You can wear such a belt bag with jeans, dresses, and skirts… This bag will provide you with a «zest» in the image and great convenience, because your hands will always be free, although all the necessary things will remain with you.

You can see some options for fashionable small belt bags below in the gallery.