Winter knitted hats

At all times, women’s winter knitted hats have been and will be the most popular and popular hats. And it’s not that the world’s leading fashion houses do not offer fresh solutions. Thanks to their practicality, convenience, and versatility, knitted winter hats for women have turned from a necessary thing into a stylish accessory that can make an image more expressive, bright, and fashionable. One can argue that fur hats are much warmer, but are you ready to feel heaviness on your head, spend time caring for capricious fur, spend considerable sums on such purchases? A beautiful knitted hat, bought for the winter, is not afraid of either snow or rain. It will perfectly protect from bad weather and will decorate the image.

Fashionable hat styles

Despite the abundance of patterns and techniques used for knitting hats, large-knit hats are still at the peak of popularity. Fashionable knitted hats, in which winter with its frosts and wind is not terrible, can correct facial features. For girls with a high forehead, puffy cheeks, a large nose or a heavy chin, stylists recommend choosing hats with a textured knit and an elongated loose end. Such hats are called stocking caps. The expressive texture of the patterns distracts attention from large facial features.

Oversized hats can be used for the same purpose. At first glance, it may seem that the hat does not match the size of the head. But it is precisely this effect that the designers achieve, because in such a conspicuous headdress the girl looks even more feminine, fragile, romantic.

Not to mention the incredibly stylish hats with earflaps that can be worn everyday. They give the image in casual style enthusiasm, dynamics, coquetry. The «ears» of earflaps can be either one-piece knitted fabrics or braids made of yarn. Young girls who prefer a youthful and sporty style will like earflaps with fluffy pom-poms. Earflaps made from materials of different textures are in trend. So, yarn of delicate pastel shades favorably emphasizes the nobility of natural leather or suede, and clarified long-haired fur goes well with dark yarn. In addition, these hats are very warm.

It is hard to imagine at least one winter season without beanie hats, which claim to be the most popular model. A laconic form, an abundance of colors, a non-binding style — all this is about beanie hats.