winter hats for teenage girls

A headdress is not only an accessory, but also a thing that protects our head and hair from cold and moisture. Therefore, it is very important when purchasing a hat to pay attention to both appearance and quality, especially when it comes to your child’s hat.

Winter hats for teenagers — popular models

Designers do not forget about young fashionistas and present very interesting options in their collections:

  • knitted hats look stylish and youthful, a la hand-made, by the way, schoolgirls wear them with pleasure, combining them with parks and down jackets;
  • hats with pom-poms, in general, never go out of fashion, they only change, for example, this winter you can and should wear hats with a fur pom-pom;
  • hats-stockings, knitted with a large viscous, are also liked by girls for their simplicity, informality, by the way, bright products are in trend — pink, purple, coral, blue;
  • fur hats can be worn not only by mothers, but also by their fashionable daughters, such hats look like adults, they are only sewn in the shape of a muzzle of a koala, a bunny, a dog;
  • a cat hat is a fun option for a youthful wardrobe and it is not necessary to share it alone with your mother, it is better to just buy a teenage option that is more appropriate for such a tender age.

How to choose a winter hat for a teenage girl?

Going to the store, do not forget that the grown-up child, most likely, will want to participate in the process of updating his wardrobe. A few tips will help you please your daughter, who wants to look attractive, and save her health:

  • the hat should fit snugly to the head, but not pull it together;
  • you should not give preference to products made of pure wool or mohair, since soon such a winter hat for a teenager will be “rejected” due to the forehead itching, let the yarn contain 30-50% synthetics or cotton;
  • it is desirable that the headdress is combined in style and color with outerwear and other accessories, including a scarf and gloves or mittens.

A sense of style is instilled in childhood. Don’t miss this chance.