white shawl

On women’s shoulders, the shawl looks very gentle and elegant. Today, not all fashionistas use this accessory, so if you want to stand out and express your individuality, then a shawl is what you need. The most advantageous option is the white model.

How to wear a white shawl?

There are a lot of models of this stylish accessory. You can buy a shawl in the store, or you can make it yourself or order from a craftswoman. Naturally handcrafted, the shawl will best suit your requirements and you can also count on getting an exclusive item.

The easiest option is to throw a shawl over your shoulders, and pin the ends with a beautiful brooch on your chest. White color will look most bright against the background of dark things, but it is better to avoid colorful patterns. The classic option is a combination of a white shawl, a black dress and pumps.

An openwork white shawl will look no worse if it is thrown over a dark coat. The main thing is to give preference to classic outerwear, since such a model as oversized will not look harmonious in this case. If your shawl is large, then you can throw it over your head, and straighten the ends beautifully on your shoulders. Get a great image in the Russian style.

White shawls can be an addition to the office attire in the winter. If you need to move a lot or constantly sit in a cool room, then, you see, a shawl on your shoulders will look much more stylish than an unbuttoned coat or jacket.

A white shawl made of large yarn, such as wool, can be used as a scarf, wrapped several times around the neck. In combination with a white hat that matches the color and texture, your look will turn out to be incredibly stylish and attractive.

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