women's tie

A tie is not only a men’s accessory, but also a women’s one. He is able to give an image of extravagance, rigor or even sexuality. The variety of women’s ties is absolutely not inferior to a wide selection of men’s.

Tie models

Of course, most women’s ties are borrowed from the men’s wardrobe. But the representatives of the weaker sex and lovers of beauty were able to give this accessory femininity, style and elegance.

To create a style in the 30s, it is worth choosing a short wide tie that you can borrow from a well-known man. The wide part should be much shorter than in the classic version. If the lower part peeks out, then pin it with a pin.

An equally interesting option is a narrow tie. Such a model, if desired, can become both strict and outrageous style. A skinny tie is popular with men, so it looks as sexy on a woman as a shirt off a man’s shoulder. Be sure to complement this accessory with shoes with narrow heels.

You can also use a thin silk scarf tied in a knot as a tie. The first to use the scarf in such an original way was the mistress of Louis XIV. It is she who is considered the first woman who tried on a truly masculine accessory on herself.

A women’s tie, like other accessories, cannot be without decorations. Every year, designers try to give them a new, fresh look, adapt them to fashion trends. So there are new stylish extraordinary solutions.

The first thing designers experiment with is the tip of a tie. For a long time, a sharp corner has ceased to be the only option, today designers offer:

  • rounded;
  • square;
  • oblique.

The next thing that has undergone a radical change is the fabric. Sometimes the material for the tie is chosen soft, thereby completely changing the character of the accessory. A soft weave tie adds a casual touch to the look. The drawing also matters. It can change according to style and direction. So a tie can try on a business, evening or beach look. Courageous women decide to try on a tie with an animal print, which can sometimes be an outrageous accessory.

Every year, original ties with rhinestones, brooches, and a unique pattern appear in fashion collections. Stylists recommend decorating thin ties and scarves on your own. Such an ornament as a brooch will add aristocracy and delicacy along with it. The brooch will be an appropriate accessory in an outfit for a social event, as well as for an evening out in a restaurant or theater.

Original women’s ties

Women’s ties of the original design are difficult to use in everyday life. They will not be able to harmoniously fit into everyday clothes or decorate a business outfit. They are rather intended for celebrations, bright events or theme parties.

First of all, what can distinguish a creative tie from other models is a drawing. It should be bright and slightly eccentric, but within the framework of fashion trends. For example, if a leopard print is in fashion, then the pattern can be made in gold on a white or beige background. The main material for such a tie can be leather or suede.

Another interesting option is ties that are fully decorated with stones. Typically, such accessories are made in small sizes, as an abundance of luxury can adversely affect the female image. Some figure or initials can also be lined with rhinestones or small stones. Even an evening suit can be supplemented with such a model.