Watch Seagull

«Chaika» is a legendary Soviet watch brand, which was born in the city of Uglich. Large-scale production facilities have long been a thing of the past, but thanks to many years of stocks of parts, craftsmen have the opportunity to assemble men’s and women’s wristwatches «The Seagull», which arouse interest and are in demand. Of course, mechanisms sometimes fail, but all products are serviced under a warranty card, so you can safely purchase the model you like. This is true only if the “Seagull” mechanical watches for women are considered, because there are no such problems with quartz models. In addition, some of the mechanisms are supplied from abroad by well-known companies.

Time-tested quality

Women’s watches in a bracelet case, ring watches, pendant watches and pocket models — the range of the brand is quite wide. For the production of products, craftsmen use the technique of artistic casting. The assortment also includes watches covered with hot and cold enamel, decorated with bronze staples, jewelry chains, link bracelets, which are connected in a variety of ways. The design in which the gold and silver women’s watch «Seagull» is made pleasantly surprises. In total, the collection of the brand has more than two hundred models, so every girl can choose the right accessory. Products are often given poetic female names.

Gold watches are made in a classic design, so they will harmoniously complement both an evening and a business look. To create such models, yellow, red, and white gold are used. Thanks to the use of stamping and casting methods, watches are also available to girls with an average income. To make the elegant gold dial look good, the leather strap should be replaced with a gold bracelet. Each model looks exquisite, and the “Seagull” watch with diamonds is a luxurious accessory that will delight any girl. Particularly noteworthy is the “Seagull” ring watch, which is both a practical item and a very effective accessory.

The assortment of the Chaika trademark also includes a collection made in the style of folk craft. To create watches, craftsmen use the ancient technique of enamel, that is, hand-paint accessories on enamel, filigree, which is combined with minerals such as lapis lazuli, jasper, charoite, amber, serpentine, rhodonite, aventurine and malachite.

Graceful, concise, miniature accessories manage to harmoniously complement jewelry sets, consisting of earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings. Among Russian-made accessories, Chaika watches, which meet world standards, occupy a leading position. The applied methods and production technologies are confirmed by certificates and attestations. In combination with a miniature movement, a recognizable design and affordable prices, the “Chaika” women’s wrist watch can be considered the best not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries.

The charm of these accessories lies not only in the interesting design. The fact is that women put their work and soul into each model, because more than 80% are employed in their production. Watches that have passed through women’s hands can no longer be just a product, which is a mechanism of wheels, gears and metal. They acquire the warmth that is characteristic of women. By purchasing products of the Russian brand «Chaika», you join the old traditions that harmoniously fit into modern ideas about accessories.

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