watch box

A watch box is a must-have for a woman who values ​​her watch. For a neat representative of the fair sex, jewelry does not lie on a chest of drawers, a shelf, a bedside table, in the same way, a clock should have its own specific place.

What is the watch box for?

There are many reasons to buy this item:

  • undoubtedly, this product is necessary for fashionistas who have several watches – it will be easier to create a fresh look if you know in advance where the accessories are;
  • confused ladies may also need a watch box – putting a watch in it in the evening, in the morning you will not need to look for them;
  • scrupulous women who love the perfect order in everything cannot do without such a storage box.

Watch storage box – varieties

Despite the fact that women’s watch boxes are not so common in modern homes, they have quite a few types:

  • boxes designed for one pair of watches – in a neat box, an accessory can not only be stored, but also transported;
  • caskets for 4-6-8 pairs of watches – having such a household item and interior, your watch will not lie anywhere, gather dust and get lost;
  • self-winding boxes – ideal for women who use expensive mechanical watches;
  • boxes made of leather, wood, velvet – all of them are characterized by certain properties, for example, wooden watch boxes are considered the most durable, leather ones are the most versatile and stylish, velvet and satin are the most feminine;
  • boxes for watches and jewelry are the best choice for a practical woman who will store all her accessories in one box.

How to choose a watch box?

Watch boxes are sold in hypermarkets, in stores with accessories. But, if you want to buy a thing of excellent quality, then it is better to go to a specialized store that sells watches.

Among the branded watch boxes are:

  • Jardin D’Ete products – they will delight you with their elegant look and low cost;
  • the WatchCases brand has proven itself to be of excellent quality;
  • the Champ Collection London boxes are roughly in the same price range, they feature a laconic unisex design;
  • Calvani also makes pretty, original watch cases for women;
  • if you want to buy an expensive and representative jewelry box, pay attention to Luxewood products, which not only keep, but also wind the watch.

If you are buying a gift, then you should choose either a carved watch box, which will become not only a useful attribute, but also a nice addition to the interior, or a winding box, which will definitely serve to save time. The purchase of such a box should be taken seriously. The best choice would be a box with periodic winding – it will turn on and off after a certain amount of time. It is also necessary to take into account the type of watch mechanism to which the box is selected – it is on the basis of these data that the winding mechanism is selected. Some boxes-boxes even have a touch panel and a control panel – such an unusual item in the house can demonstrate your wealth and knowledge of new products in the world of gadgets. By the way, the watch box will be a wonderful gift for the boss from the team.

A watch box is an unconventional, original and at the same time practical thing that a modern woman needs.