balmain watch

The company of the famous French couturier Pierre Balmain decided to take up accessories and perfumery back in the 70s. But Pierre Balmain watches seriously declared themselves to the world only in 1987, after the Swatch Group Corporation received the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute them. Since that time, designers have developed more than one interesting and beautiful line, changed the name from the long Pierre Balmain to the concise and easy-to-pronounce Balmain, became known for their arabesque patterns, and finally secured the brand’s reputation as a “modern classic”. Of course, Balmain women’s watches with diamonds are especially popular, which are the dream of many modern women, but, alas, are not available to everyone. After all, all watches of the brand are distinguished by a high price.

Balmain Women’s Watch Collections

Each line of Balmain watches, released during the entire existence of the brand, has its own characteristic features – this is a certain form of the dial, the materials in which the accessory is made, decorative elements, the style of the inscriptions, and so on. There are some of the most popular collections:

  1. Balmain Classica and Classica Chrono. Classic watch with round dial and stainless steel bracelet. Case diameter ranges from 29 to 35 mm.
  2. Balmain Chain. They are presented in three models, each of which has a strap resembling a chain (hence the name). In the first version it is a single thin one, in the second one it is wider, and in the third one it is a double chain, equal in width to the diameter of the dial.
  3. Balmain Beleganza. This Balmain watch also has its own peculiarity – a very large case, relative to the strap and fragile female handle. The bracelet can be steel or leather. The dial itself is black, white, with a pattern or mother of pearl, and the numbers are Roman, deliberately elongated. Some models are decorated with characteristic arabesques.
  4. Balmain Miss Balmain II. Another recognizable line of women’s watches Pierre Balmain. Their dial is rectangular, oblong, there may be two, four or no numbers on it at all. There are different straps – metal or leather, but all of them invariably correspond in width to the size of the case.