Warm women's gloves

With the approach of cold weather, we are thinking about how to update our wardrobe in such a way as not to freeze in cold weather. Women’s warm gloves are an essential accessory for late autumn and winter. We will talk about their varieties and how to choose the right piece of clothing in this article.

Varieties of women’s gloves

The so-called model gloves, to which we are all so accustomed, appeared in the twelfth century. In those distant times, only representatives of the upper classes could afford them, and commoners had to do without gloves. Times have changed, gradually warm gloves for women have become more accessible. Today, each representative of the fair sex is the owner of at least one pair of gloves, and this is not only a stylish accessory, but also a banal protection from the cold.

Warm gloves for women are made from a variety of materials. These are natural and artificial leather, textiles, wool. In addition to their main function — to warm your hands in cold weather — gloves are also a fashionable decoration, because designers decorate them with rhinestones, sequins, embroider with beads, add zippers and rivets. And all this in order to make the lady in gloves feel really fashionable.

Let’s talk in detail what gloves are and for what period they are suitable:

  1. Cloth gloves. An accessory such as fabric gloves is not suitable for the cold season. They should be worn in the off season. They are not able to protect your hands from rain and snow, so give them preference in clear, dry weather.
  2. Leather gloves. Perhaps, long warm leather gloves are the most suitable accessory for moderately cold and rainy weather. However, in severe frost, such gloves do not always cope with their main function — to provide warmth.
  3. Wool gloves. Answering the question which seals are the most suitable for winter, we can safely say — of course, women’s knitted warm gloves. They are quite practical as they will really keep your hands warm. But we must not forget about the cons: they quickly get dirty and get wet easily. Therefore, warm wool gloves are ideal for those days when the air temperature beats negative records, but there is no precipitation.

When choosing warm women’s gloves, check whether they are insulated or not. What else to look for when buying? Here are some important points:

  • all seams on the product must be neat and carefully stitched;
  • lining on insulated gloves should be evenly distributed along the entire length of the fingers;
  • the glove should fit perfectly on your hand, snugly fitting it, but at the same time not causing discomfort — if the glove strongly squeezes the hand, this leads to circulatory disorders.

Gloves are distinguished not only by material and texture, but also by length. For this, it is customary to use the French classification. For example, the so-called 2-button are shortened gloves; 4-button — gloves, whose length above the wrist is about 5 cm; 6-button — long warm gloves to the middle of the forearm.

Our tips will help you figure out which gloves are the warmest for winter and which are better to wear in the warmer season. Wear them with pleasure, protecting your hands from temperature extremes, precipitation and winter cold!

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