When you go out for a run in the morning, you need to find a place for your keys and a mobile phone to take with you. Sportswear does not always have pockets, and even if they do, this is an unreliable place for such important things. For those who are engaged in an active lifestyle, a waist bag of any of the popular brands will be the solution to the problem. This is a quality product that is worn for a long time and pleases with its durability, originality and style.

Brand sports accessory

Classic and in many cases versatile enough for both women and men, the Adidas fanny pack is a good choice for those who prefer an unobtrusive design. The company offers a wide range of three-color models, equipped with multiple zippers for greater convenience. Most often it is a combination of black with white, blue, pink or another color. Simple, convenient and nothing more. For example, for serious ladies who prefer rigor and restraint, a waist-length model in black and blue is suitable. But glamorous fashionistas should pay attention to a pink product with three reflective stripes.

The Nike Belt Bag is slightly different from the original design. Convenient and compact model has two zippers, one of which is closed with a strip of fabric and remains invisible to the eyes of others. As for the colors, the designers offer both monophonic options, with the addition of black details and the company logo, as well as more colorful and colorful ones.

The Dakine belt bag cannot but please with its bright colors. Convenient design, the use of fashionable prints, such as checks, stripes, flowers, abstraction, and a variety of styles allow you to use the product not only for morning jogging, but also for walking around the city. Bright and extraordinary personalities should pay attention to the combination of orange and blue. This model is ideal for those who like to attract attention with their unique way.

For Reebok belt bags, a characteristic feature is the uniformity of models, the similarity of design and tailoring. Most often, designers use dark colors, but for stylish women there is always hot pink, blue or even blue with a red lightning bolt and blue brand letters scattered throughout the product.