Hats are indispensable attributes of women’s wardrobe in the autumn-winter period. Knitted models remain at the peak of popularity, the stylistic diversity of which makes it easy to match any fashionable look. If you want to emphasize your own individuality, creating beautiful and relevant images, you must be responsible in choosing the appropriate headdress. In this article we will tell you what types of women’s winter hats exist, their names and main characteristics.

Practicality and versatility

This description includes all types of knitted hats that have no age restrictions. Simple knitted hats that fit snugly around the head and are held without the help of additional ties are called beanies. They can be with a lapel, a pom-pom (one or more), a logo, funny animal ears or horns.

A variety of hats in the traditional style are hats-stockings, hats-socks and oversized models. All these models are united by the fact that they do not tightly fit the head in the back of the head. The loose end of the cap can be styled in a variety of ways to create new trendy looks. Such models are preferred by young girls, as well as those who dress in a sporty style.

Earflaps have been incredibly popular over the past few years. Large knit models fit perfectly into the urban style. You can wear a hat with earflaps, decorated with pompoms made of yarn or fur, with a down jacket, with a youth coat, with a parka jacket.

Knitted hats-helmets are less popular, as they make the image extravagant, which not every girl likes. If you are not afraid of fashionable experiments, take a closer look at hats-helmets. It is possible that these hats will allow you to look stylish and spectacular in winter.

Classic and modern

Fur hats have not lost their relevance either. The types of fur hats cannot boast of variety, but thanks to the color schemes, the texture of the fur and the decor elements, it is always possible to choose a beautiful headdress for the existing outerwear. Traditional kubankas are being replaced by laconic simple models called Cossack hats, tightly fitting the head, as well as youth hats with earflaps. We recommend paying attention to earflaps made of fur, suede or leather.