Turban hat

A turban or otherwise a turban is an accessory that has a long history, originating, of course, in the east. In Western fashion, the turban appeared much later, but quickly took root, it was worn by world-famous celebrities, in the images of oriental beauties they were shot for the covers of glossy magazines, actresses emphasized grace and beauty with the help of this detail in cinema.

Women’s hat-turban

Do not be afraid to put on a turban and play with different looks, trying on this or that outfit for it. A turban can serve you well if you understand its purpose correctly. Of course, in the warm season, it is appropriate to wear a turban made of light fabrics, silk or chiffon. There are many options for how to tie a turban. But what about the cold season? You should not despair, as well as believing that a turban is an accessory suitable for wearing only in spring and summer. We have good news — pay attention to the knitted turban hat, it will become a real decoration of your everyday look. If you are far from being an adherent of such bold experiments with headwear, then you can choose one stylish turban hat made of presentable fabric and wear it to social events, combining it with blouses or dresses. In this image, you will be irresistible and individual, general attention to your person is guaranteed.

When purchasing a hat-turban, the question will certainly arise, but with what to wear this part of the wardrobe? In fact, there are a lot of combination options, it can be your favorite leather jacket, or maybe a stylish cardigan. Depending on the material from which the turban is made, you can also focus on outerwear.

Who said that a turban hat is not a winter version of clothing? Just look at the charming and elegant fur models. Fur is a real decoration for us girls, and there is hardly a woman who would not have fur products to her face. A fur turban hat is a truly amazing accessory that frames your face, enhances the beauty of your cheekbones and adds zest to your look.

A turban worn on loose hair looks very feminine, especially if their length is below average. If you are a fan of collecting hair in a ponytail and hiding it under a hat, then remember that this option of wearing a turban will visually enlarge the face and stretch the silhouette. In this case, it is better to balance the image with a voluminous coat or jacket.

Allow yourself to diversify your everyday look with the help of this season’s trendy turban hat, creating unique and unlike looks.