shopping bag on wheels

The times when shopping bags on 3,4 or 6 wheels were an attribute of exclusively street vendors are long gone. Today, stylish shopping bags are enjoyed by everyone who regularly has to shop in large volumes.

In this article, we will talk about shopping cart bags on wheels.

Foldable shopping bag on wheels

Folding bags are convenient for their compactness. They can be easily folded up and thrown into the trunk of a car without worrying that there will be no more free space. But when unfolded, shopping bags are quite roomy — up to 60 liters.

Most folding shopping bags with two or three wheels are of the frame type. This means that their fabric case is fixed on a metal or plastic frame. For cleaning, this frame can be easily unfastened and removed.

Ease of care will allow many housewives to part with prejudice against bright and light shopping bags. Now you do not need to choose dark and dull models, because the fabric cover can be cleaned in the washing machine at least every day. Drying of the case does not take long either — most bags are made of synthetic water-repellent materials, which can be dried in a few hours.

Please note that the metal frame is more reliable, but almost always outperforms the plastic counterpart in weight. This means that an empty metal bag will weigh more than a similarly sized bag with a plastic frame. The exception is frames made of aluminum alloys — they are light and durable, but quite expensive.

Some models of shopping bags are equipped with a thermal compartment. This is the department that provides the preservation of heat / cold. That is, if you buy frozen meat or fish, you don’t have to look back every second on the way home to see if the bag got wet? With a thermal compartment, you can be sure that frozen food will not thaw and hot food will not get cold.

How many wheels should there be?

A shopping bag with 2 or 3 wheels is more maneuverable, its weight is usually low. More massive models — on 4 or 6 wheels are suitable for transporting very voluminous or heavy loads, in which it is important to distribute the load along this base of the bag frame.

So, if you are looking for a bag for daily (weekly) shopping for a small family, choose a two- or three-wheeled model. But a shopping bag on 4-6 wheels is useful for a very large family, for which purchases are made in large volumes, or for entrepreneurs. Compact models of bags on wheels are also very convenient to use as hand luggage when traveling.

Some models of bags on wheels are made of waterproof materials — this means that your purchases will remain dry, despite the bad weather on the street — rain or snow is nothing for such trolley bags.

Today, the market leaders are shopping bags on wheels made in Spain, China, Italy and the USA. Domestic manufacturers are just starting to develop this direction, so now their range of shopping bags is limited.

Of course, no bag on wheels looks glamorous or luxurious — it would be foolish to try to maintain the image of a socialite, going to buy baby diapers, milk and cereals for the whole family. But you don’t have to look like a sloppy clown either — modern shopping bags are attractive, bright and stylish.

The gallery presents examples of beautiful and comfortable shopping bags on wheels.