travel bag on wheels

A travel bag on wheels is a practical solution, especially if you travel often or have to take a lot of things with you. When purchasing such a bag, there is no need to constantly carry it in your hands, which means that the discomfort from the trip is significantly reduced.

Choosing a travel bag on wheels

When purchasing a women’s travel bag on wheels, it is important to consider some aspects that will make this item durable and comfortable. First, you need to decide on the size of the bag. So, if you travel rarely and light, then it is advisable to buy a small travel bag on wheels. It will easily fit the most necessary things for 2-3 days of travel, and its dimensions and weight will make it easy to transport the bag even where there is no surface suitable for wheels (up and down stairs, walk in snow or off-road). A large women’s travel bag on wheels will hold everything you need for a long trip, however, some inconveniences may arise when using it: too large suitcases may simply not fit in the luggage compartment on the train or weigh more than allowed at the airport, and this may already entail additional expenses . The best solution would be the average size of the travel bag.

Wheels are the most important attribute of such a bag. They make it convenient, because with the help of wheels it can be rolled almost everywhere, and not carried by hand. Pay attention to the material from which these parts are made. Usually it is silicone or plastic. Silicone is preferred as it makes less noise and lasts much longer. It is also worth looking at how the wheels are attached to the bag. It is good if they are recessed into the case, as this will protect them from accidental breakage during transportation.

The handle is another important part of your bag. When extended, it should fit you in height, otherwise you will have to bend slightly to roll the suitcase, which will lead to rapid fatigue and discomfort in the back. The handle of the bag must be securely fixed in the upper and lower positions. There are also models with fixation along the entire length. They are more comfortable, but not very durable.

Lastly, you need to inspect any additional bag handles. It is good when it is equipped with a side handle that allows you to carry it when it is impossible to use wheels. It’s nice that such a bag also has a shoulder strap and other types of handles. It is better if they are made of fabric rather than plastic, as such handles are more difficult to break or tear off.

Trolley bag design

Usually such bags are not too brightly colored so that dust and pollution are not noticeable: black, brown, gray models can be found in most stores. However, there are also bright examples. Purchasing such a colored bag can be useful if you have to fly a lot, because it is much easier to recognize your bright luggage on the distribution tape than to find a black bag among similar ones.

The design of bags on wheels is also diverse. You can choose what is right for your trip. For example, travel sports backpacks on wheels are popular, which, if necessary, can be carried on the back.

Travel bags-transformers on wheels are very convenient, which, due to a special additional section with a zipper, can increase their volume by 8–12 cm, and sometimes even more. These bags are suitable for short trips of 1-2 days, and for longer trips.

If we talk about the material, then most often such suitcases are made of dense textiles and are complemented by hard plastic inserts. However, if you wish, you can also pick up a leather travel bag on wheels, which will speak not only about practicality, but also about the status of its owner.