This brand will always be associated with sports and a healthy lifestyle. Adidas women’s perfumes are very different and the demand for them is quite high. We offer you a description of several flavors from a well-known manufacturer.

Adidas Pure Lightness

These women’s perfumes from Adidas are floral-fruity fragrances. The smell is very light and gentle. They are used as everyday and sports perfumes. Well suited for purposeful, and at the same time romantic natures.

Top notes: melon, apple.

Middle notes: jasmine, magnolia, violet.

Base notes: lily of the valley, peach, apricot, musk.

adidas pure lightness

Adidas Natural Vitality

This Adidas eau de toilette was introduced in 2008. The fragrance consists of a mixture of floral and aquatic notes. The scent is very feminine and natural. Notes of orange and apple intertwine with lotus and osmanthus. This Adidas perfume comes in an attractive purple bottle with the brand’s logo.

Top notes: red apple, tomato, orange, lychee.

Middle notes: watermelon, osmanthus, lotus.

Base notes: sandalwood, musk.

adidas natural vitality

Adidas Floral Dream

This women’s perfume from Adidas is distinguished by a very feminine and sensitive scent. The smell is equally well suited for both a young girl and a temptress. The perfume can be described as invigorating, romantic and energizing. Belongs to the family of oriental, floral fragrances.

Top notes: bergamot.

Middle notes: rose, lily.

Base notes: tonka bean, vanilla.

adidas floral dream

Eau de toilette Adidas Fruity Rhythm

This Adidas eau de toilette is designed for energetic, romantic and cheerful women. The fragrance belongs to the floral-fruity family. A woman with this perfume is in constant motion, while she is very sensual. The scent is invigorating, feminine and charming.

Top notes: black currant, raspberry.

Middle notes: freesia, cyclamen.

Base notes: sandalwood, musk.

adidas fruity rhythm

Women’s toilet water from Adidas Fresh Escape

The aroma belongs to the group of fruits, suitable for daily use. The smell is very playful, rich. Suitable for a woman of 20-25 years old, energetic and purposeful. For an older lady, this fragrance will not work, it will look ridiculous and too fresh.

Top notes: violet leaf, grapefruit.

Middle notes: sweet pea, rose, nectarine.

Base notes: sandalwood, benzoin, musk.

adidas fresh escape

Perfume Adidas Tropical Passion

The smell belongs to the family of fruity-floral fragrances. It is used as an evening, more club perfume. The combination of different fruity ingredients allows you to use the perfume only for evening application.

Top notes: tangerine, melon, pineapple.

Middle notes: neroli, magnolia.

Base notes: peach, cedar, musk.

adidas tropical passion

Eau de toilette from Adidas Fizzy Energy

Perfume belongs to the family of floral-fruity. Perfume can be used for daily application, the smell is very fresh and energetic. Thanks to notes of juicy fruits, the aroma will help to keep the spirit and mood fresh throughout the day.

Top notes: grapefruit.

Middle notes: camellia, papaya, jasmine.

Base notes: musk, woody notes.

adidas fizzy energy

Eau de toilette from Adidas Free Emotion

The perfect perfume for confident, energetic and optimistic women. The fragrance belongs to the fruity-floral family. The scent opens with juicy fruity notes that intertwine with floral notes throughout the day, and the trail consists of warm musky notes.

Top notes: raspberry, lemon.

Middle notes: melon, lily, banana, rose.

Base notes: musk.

adidas free emotion

Eau de toilette from Adidas Happy Game

The fragrance belongs to the floral-woody family. The perfume is sensual, elegant and very feminine.

Top notes: melon flower, clementine, cranberry.

Middle notes: freesia, jasmine.

Base notes: amber, musk, woody notes.

adidas happy game