Tissot watch strap

Wearing branded stylish watches that surprise with reliability and accuracy, but with a frayed strap, is not an option for modern fashionistas. Fortunately, the well-known company Tissot offers its customers a strap replacement service. The collection includes straps made of various types of materials. This is metal, and leather, and rubber. It’s nice to be able to choose the right colors. Obviously, if you have a watch made by Tissot in your collection, then a frayed or torn strap will not be a problem. It can be easily replaced with a new one. But, even having bought an original Tissot watch strap, you can be disappointed in the purchase, as you should know some selection rules.

Choosing a strap

The main thing to remember when buying a new strap is the number that is engraved on the metal case of the watch. Often, the Tissot brand uses alphanumeric markings starting with the letter T and ending with the letter A. If the marking consists of three digits preceded by the letter L or Z, then this means that there is no fixed format for the case number. It is worth noting that the search for a number on watches from limited editions is doomed to failure, since such models are not marked at all. In this case, only a consultant from the company store will help you choose a leather or rubber strap for Tissot watches. It is not necessary to carry a watch with you if you know the manufacturer’s article indicated in the documents.

In 2009, the brand introduced a new collection of Tissot Couturier. Cases in women’s models are made in several stylistic options, which means that the size of the straps is different. Choosing a strap for Tissot Couturier watches is even easier than for models from the basic collections. If the case diameter is 39 millimeters, then a strap is required, the width of which at the attachment point is 22 millimeters. If the diameter is 41 millimeters, then the width is 23 millimeters, and with a diameter of 43 millimeters, you will need a strap 24 millimeters wide. Tissot Couturier watch owners can replace worn-out straps with original ones only if the «native» one was made of metal. What to do if it is leather or rubber? There are only two options for solving the problem: buy a fake strap or buy a new watch.

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