Tights Pierre Cardin

Tights are relevant in any season, but with the onset of cold weather, women’s interest in these hosiery increases significantly. In this article, we propose to discuss the tights of the brand “Pierre Cardin” – one of the leaders in the market.

Today, the Pierre Cardin brand of tights is owned by Velmont Group LLC. The products manufactured by this Italian brand have long won the trust and recognition of women. For the production of hosiery, Velmont Group LLC uses its own facilities, which are located in Italy.

The lineup

The assortment of the Pierre Cardin trademark includes such a variety of models of different densities and colors that the creation of any image will not be difficult. The main collection of tights for women has several popular lines.

Ligne Rosee. This line presents models for the creation of which the yarn of the highest quality is used. In such tights, the legs are provided with comfort. They’re soft and supportive, while the cotton gusset and flat seam add comfort. This line also includes models with a low waist, Lycra tights and microfiber tights from 10 to 150 denier. Among other things, Ligne Rosee tights have a micro-massage effect.

city ‚Äč‚Äčline. City Line tights from Pierre Cardin are, without exaggeration, a triumph of comfort. They are especially soft and silky, and thanks to the graduated pressure function, they also prevent fatigue. In this line you can find Lycra and Microfiber models, seamless and with an elegant seam at the back, as well as tights with a corrective effect. The density of City Line tights varies from 20 to 200 den.

Basic Line. Everyday wear with excellent support. Basic Line stockings can be matte and glossy, and models with an anti-cellulite effect will be appreciated by girls with problem leg skin.

Ligne Platine. In this series of the Pierre Cardin brand, tights are presented that allow the skin to breathe, so they are indispensable in the summer. Thin, elastic, elegant – the density ranges from 10 to 40 den.

There are in the assortment of the Pierre Cardin trademark both tights with a cutout and openwork models for creating festive evening looks. The colors of Pierre Cardin tights can also be very different, from classic to bright fantasy.