If in the summer period wearing nylon tights is not a necessity, then the off-season is the time to renew stocks of hosiery. Many girls who appreciate the best combination of price and quality choose Orodoro tights, which meet the highest requirements of modern fashion.

Innovation brought to life

The Russian-Italian brand Orodoro began its history in 2013 with the opening of a small factory for the production of tights in the Moscow region. Today, production capacity reaches 15 thousand square meters, and tights are produced on the most modern Italian equipment.

The manufacturer creates Orodoro tights from polyamide with the addition of elastane and microfiber. These synthetic fibers, developed in 1938 by DuPont Corporation, are lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, wearable and durable. Polyamide perfectly absorbs excess moisture and does not shrink. It is not affected by alkali, salt. Thanks to the addition of elastane, the manufacturer provides tights with dimensional stability, long-term retention of shape even after numerous washes. Elastane fibers are resistant to grease, sweat, salt, chlorine and sunlight. As for microfiber, these fibers of natural or synthetic origin make tights pleasant to the body, retain heat, and remove moisture. A distinctive feature of the products of the Russian-Italian brand is the use of new technologies for weaving threads.

Series of tights Orodoro

Orodoro tights are available in a variety of colors and versatility and are available in several series. The most popular among women are the following series:

  • Primo – tights with shorts with a corrective effect;
  • Primo XL – tights with compacted support shorts;
  • Lase – classic tights with fishnet panties;
  • Serenita – tights, in which the pressure is distributed along the entire length of the leg;
  • Pudra – tights with a matte effect, imitating the absence of tights.

Also in the Orodoro range are Unico models, characterized by increased durability, Fortezza VB and Cool Summer. As for the color scheme, it is classic. The Russian manufacturer offers models in beige, gray, brown and black colors that are suitable for creating a business, office, casual and evening look.