The most Christmas fragrances

Closer to the New Year, women begin to gradually put themselves in order, prepare the house for the celebration and choose an outfit for the main night. In the hustle and bustle, we often forget about the little things like accessories or perfumes, but meanwhile, it is aromas that most often evoke pleasant memories or associations in us. We offer several scents that are best suited for the main family holiday of the year.

Energetic citrus fruits

The aromas of mandarin first of all remind you of the approach of the holiday. So why not use these pleasant memories and pick up a few perfumes with citrus notes?

Rose Glacee Armand Basi

Perfume belongs to the family of citrus flowers. Refined and delicate, very feminine. Suitable for romantic and sophisticated natures.

Top notes: grapefruit, lemon;

Middle notes: apricot and cinnamon;

Base notes: amber, woody notes, musk.

The most New Year's fragrances 1

L`Eau De Chloe

The novelty of 2012 L`Eau De Chloé belongs to the group of chypre, floral scents. The fragrance is deep and feminine, but at the same time not without notes of adventurism. Ideal for young dreamy natures and seductresses. A good choice for the first joint holiday.

Top notes: peach and grapefruit;

Middle notes: rose and violet;

Base notes: patchouli and amber.

The most New Year's fragrances 2

Honey Marc Jacobs

Sweet and slightly homey, Honey Marc Jacobs is a good choice if you are going to spend time with your closest friends and have a little party. This is a scent with fruity notes, which well emphasizes the spontaneity and youth of its owner.

Top notes: tangerine, pear, punch;

Middle notes: peach, honeysuckle, orange blossom;

Base notes: vanilla, woody notes, honey.

The most New Year's fragrances 3

Tree Demeter Fragrance

What most of all creates a feeling of approaching the New Year holidays? Of course the smell was eaten in the house. This is the scent you will experience if you choose Tree Demeter Fragrance. This is the smell of joy and anticipation, family unity and warmth. A fragrance for women who put family values ​​in the first place, sensual and soft natures.

Top notes: orange;

Middle notes: mint and ginger;

Base notes: spruce.

The most New Year's fragrances 4

Fragrances similar to Christmas sweets

Sweets aren’t just for kids. And during the holidays, the aromas of sweets and vanilla, chocolate and fruits are simply crazy.

Xocoatl Fueguia 1833

If for you the feeling of a holiday is not possible without the aromas of chocolate and sweets, feel free to choose Xocoatl Fueguia 1833. The smell is oriental, adult and mysterious. By the way, this perfume belongs to the unisex group, so you can safely apply it to your companion. This is a good choice for a romantic and secluded holiday.

Top notes: vanilla and vanilla orchid;

Middle notes:cocoa;

Base notes: rum.

The most New Year's fragrances 5

Angel Thierry Mugler

For lovers of spices, Angel Thierry Mugler perfume is ideal. This is a gourmet scent, deep and very intense. A fragrance with history, as it was released back in 1992, and in 2007 it was awarded the FiFi “Hall Of Fame” award.

Top notes: cotton candy, jasmine, cassia, mandarin, bergamot;

Middle notes: red berries, orchid, apricot, honey, lily of the valley, blackberry, plum;

Base notes: tonka bean, caramel, dark chocolate, patchouli, spicy notes.

The most New Year's fragrances 6

Holiday flavors

Laboratorio Olfattivo Daimiris

What holiday without champagne, wine and other drinks? Laboratorio Olfattivo Daimiris belongs to the family of spicy oriental fragrances. This is a mysterious and alluring perfume, designed for seductresses. However, this fragrance is unisex, so it will also suit bold and self-confident women.

Top notes: saffron;

Middle notes:toffee, rum, sweet notes;

Base notes: amber and musk.

The most New Year's fragrances 7