comb tangle teezer

Experts and amateurs have been talking about the famous Tangle Teezer miracle hairbrush for more than a year. They say that due to the special shape, materials and arrangement of the teeth, it easily copes with any tangles, does not injure the hair at all and is generally extremely useful for caring for your hair. Naturally, online stores and ordinary supermarkets are teeming with fakes, which, although they work partly due to the placebo effect, still do not perform all the functions and by 50%, which slightly spoils the company’s reputation. In order not to be deceived, both the first and the second should be learned in more detail.

Comb Tangle Teezer — description

The Tangle Teezer was developed and created by the English hairdresser Shaun P. His declared work experience in the beauty industry is impressive — no less than 30 years. During this time, he had seen enough of how much hair his clients lose only when combing, and decided to create a life-saving remedy. It took 4 years to think over the idea and develop the model. The result is a comfortable, ergonomic comb without a handle with teeth of different lengths made of a special material. It is positioned as, first of all, a comb for wet and damp hair. The checkerboard arrangement of the teeth allows you to comb your hair without holding them additionally at the ends.

The material for them is also especially thought out — it is moderately soft so as not to injure the scalp, however, at the same time it is hard enough to be suitable for thick hair. The length of the teeth is approximately 0.5 and 1 cm.

The main differences of the original famous Tangle Teezer comb are: workmanship (the teeth are even, without traces; the joints fit snugly), the embossed logo, the material of the teeth and the box.

An important feature: there must be a beautiful letter «E» in the upper left corner of the original box.


A number of advantages of the Tangle Teezer super comb, which manufacturers claim:

  1. Combing wet hair. You can use TT on hair that is completely damp or towel-dried. Moreover, the design allows you to brush from the roots to the very tips without interruption.
  2. Combing dry hair. The brush does not damage the hair structure, gently unraveling the tangles. After it, the hair may straighten slightly, so if you want to keep curls, it is better to use a comb.
  3. Suitable for all types of hair. The Tangle Teezer comb copes with thin and brittle, thick and thick, split and coarse hair. You can also comb curly hair with it — even the smallest curls.
  4. Prevents split ends.
  5. Makes hair softshiny and silky.
  6. Made from non-electrifying materials.

Types of Tangle Teezer

Today there are 5 types of combs:

  1. Original. The very first Tangle Teezer hairbrush. It has a special convex “back” that fits perfectly in the hand, preventing the brush from slipping out. The bristle surface itself has practically no bending.
  2. Salon Elite. Especially from the original is no different. The outer surface is matte.
  3. Compact Styler. Convenient travel option. Equipped with a special cap that will not allow the teeth to be damaged or dirty during transportation in a purse.
  4. aqua splash. The new Tangle Teezer comb is recommended specifically for use on wet hair after a shower. Also good for applying oils and other cosmetics. To prevent moisture and other substances from getting inside, the brush is made in the form of a tube (hollow inside).
  5. Magic flowerpot. Charming and cute, this trendy Tangle Teezer is made for little ladies. She has a beautiful bright design, it is framed in the form of a flower. Like the Compact Styler, it closes with a special case, which has enough space for storing hairpins and elastic bands. The lid has a removable compartment where you can insert a photo of the owner. A doubly pleasant purchase — and it looks great, and the combing procedure will no longer bring discomfort to the child.

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