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Suunto sports watches are known to many amateurs and professionals in various sports. The products of this company are used even in the army, where special accuracy is required. With just a glance at a branded accessory, it becomes clear that it can become a reliable and stylish friend who can be trusted with your time.

Finnish watches from Suunto — milestones in history

Suunto has been known since 1936 when the ingenious engineer Tuomas Vohlonen began developing an ultra-precise needle in dry compasses, but eventually invented and patented a method for making liquid compasses. This invention formed the basis for the further work of the company — to this day it is engaged in the production of premium sports watches, underwater computers.

The brand name «Suunto» translates as «direction». Apparently, the company’s leaders initially chose the right direction — revolutionary developments made it a leader among manufacturers in the creation of gadgets for outdoor activities and sports. Some of the latest developments are:

  • premium sports watch Suunto Elementum, which combines original design and high technology — the watch has a built-in barometer, altimeter, compass (2009);
  • Suunto Ambit smart GPS watch with body monitoring features (2012);
  • The Suunto DX dive computer watch is one of the best dive watches of its kind.

Finnish watches Suunto

Suunto smartwatches help you conquer new heights, explore new places, wherever you are — on land, in the air or in water. The watch is designed for the following sports:

  • mountaineering;
  • running, including cross-country;
  • cycling, including mountain biking;
  • classes in the gym;
  • all-around;
  • swimming;
  • climbing wall;
  • freestyle.

Suunto running watch locates fast, displays activity perfectly, and is easy to switch with the push of a button. This accessory can help you find your way back if necessary, it calculates the rest time depending on the load. Cyclists can also like Suunto watches with similar characteristics, by the way, for convenience, the accessory can be mounted on the handlebars with any bicycle watch mount.

Suunto pool swimming watch is a must have item for those who follow pace, distance, this watch will tell you easily. The gadget can even count the number of strokes, determine the efficiency of swimming. Suunto dive watches are second to none. In essence, the latest Suunto D4i is a wrist dive computer. The accessory has a strap extension for Suunto watches — you need it in order to easily put the watch on a suit. Their body is made of thick plastic, and the back cover is made of stainless steel. The manufacturer promises that due to the tightness of the case, the watch will be able to work even at a depth of 100 meters. Suunto diving watch is controlled by just 4 buttons but has a huge number of functions:

  • make a wireless connection to the fresh air supply system;
  • show the pressure and amount of air in the cylinders;
  • have an audible alarm, the ability to transfer data via cable;
  • work in 4 different dive modes, which require different parameters;
  • allow you to adjust the time, date, display contrast, backlight, set an alarm, start a stopwatch.

Throughout the history of the firm, Suunto watches have been produced only in Finland. The pride of the brand is their manual assembly, which takes place at the central factory in Helsinki.

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