Sports women's backpacks

If you play a certain sport or just lead an active lifestyle, you can’t do without a women’s travel backpack. The modern market offers a fairly wide selection for all occasions. All models are made taking into account the physique: women have narrower shoulders and wider hips, which affects the location of the straps and belt for the belt. Adidas and Nike have already become leaders in this industry.

Nike women’s backpacks

The brand produces the widest range of various types of sports equipment. All Nike women’s backpacks are durable and of impeccable quality. Each is made in its own unique design. Among the female models of Nike backpacks, there are two of the most successful and interesting in terms of design:

  1. Nike London Backpack refers to training equipment. The model has one large compartment, two external zip pockets and an internal small compartment for small items. Among women’s sports backpacks, this one is distinguished by a rather original appearance, excellent capacity and the ability to use it every day.
  2. Model Nike Varsity Girl Backpack is also popular. This is one of the most stylish sports backpacks for women. It is perfect for the gym, hiking or walking around the city. This model has one large compartment and several small pockets for small things.

Adidas Women’s Backpacks

This sports brand is very popular for its casual bags. But sports equipment is in great demand among active people. One of the most successful models is Terrex15. From the women’s line of Adidas backpacks, this is the most successful option for walking around the city or cycling. It has one large compartment and a built-in drinking system. Soft shoulder straps provide a feeling of comfort and do not squeeze the body.