Spirits of Klim

There are some things that will always bring us back to childhood, and someone to youth. Things that are associated with an entire era and are its symbol. One of these symbols are the spirits of Klim. After all, this fragrance was almost the only one in the seventies. It was so popular that most likely it was on the shelf of most of our mothers. Now, for many, “that” fragrance invariably resembles pleasant moments of our past. It was very harmonious, rich and refined, it was used by almost everyone. Now there are such perfumes on sale and if you wish, you can again feel those pleasant notes, an unusual combination of a flower bouquet and aldehydes. Of course, a modern fragrance cannot be compared with “that” smell, but nevertheless, it is so nice to become the owner of this perfume and thereby touch the past at least a little.

History of Klima perfumes

The Lancome perfume house was famous for its women’s perfumes, which were intended primarily for mature and accomplished women. All of them were refined, deep and luxurious. Perfume Klima was created in 1967 by Gerard Goupy. Almost immediately, he became a symbol of the era. This superb floral-aldehyde composition was inspired by another legendary fragrance, Worth Je Reviens (1932). Inspired by this smell, the perfumer added several new notes and this is how the Klim fragrance was born.

Climat perfume was the dream come true of almost every Soviet woman. This fragrance fascinated, captivated and could make anyone happy.

Unfortunately, the French spirits of Klim did not last very long. Their production was stopped in the mid-seventies. But in 2005, on the eve of its seventieth anniversary, Lancome decided to bring several fragrances back to life, among which were vintage Klim perfumes. Although, of course, according to many women, the updated fragrance was no longer so persistent and rich, nevertheless, the revived classic is very popular.

Perfume Klima: composition

Perfume Lancome Climat became one of the best fragrances-followers of the French house of Chanel, which was one of the first to use aldehydes in the manufacture of perfumes. This fragrance is deep and luxurious enough that it cannot be combined with jeans and a T-shirt. Perfume Climat requires due respect and perfectly emphasizes the femininity, sexuality and charm of a woman. These perfumes were created specifically for women, not for young girls. They emphasize the luxury and elegance of their held owner.

Top notes: peach, jasmine, rose, violet, lily of the valley, bergamot, narcissus.

Heart notes: rosemary, tuberose and aldehydes.

Trail notes: tonka bean, amber, sandalwood, musk, bamboo, vetiver, civet.

Women’s perfume similar to Klima

It is probably impossible to find perfumes similar to Klim. Perfume Lancome Klima And not because perfumers no longer work as they used to, but now there are completely different requirements for the quality of fragrance composition, and perhaps that is why they are not as deep and stable as they were in those beautiful seventies. True, there is a fragrance that is very reminiscent of Lankom Klima perfume. They are called «Kuznetsky Bridge». Some consider it a clone of this French fragrance.

How much are Klima perfumes?

This question will always be open, because finding the original of these perfumes is quite difficult. The approximate cost ranges from 45 to 70 euros per 50 ml. The production of the Emirates and Syria is often found, but the perfumes of Klima France will cost more, but it’s worth it. After all, this fragrance is not just nostalgia for the past — it is a symbol of that time, these are smells that our mothers liked and which have become real classics, like Chanel No. 5.