Kenzo’s first fragrance was created by a talented Japanese perfumer in 1987. And since then, the unique, independent, daring and free style of Kenzo perfumes began to confidently go to the heights of his glory. Laurels of one of the highest quality and stylish perfumes rightfully belong to them. Unusually feminine, airy, with a flying gentle train, these perfumes turn into a powerful weapon of seduction for a woman. It’s hard not to fall in love with them. They carry with them into the world of sensuality, enticing with unusual, magical aromas.

Thanks to the carefully thought-out composition of Kenzo perfumes, two wonderfully beautiful images are always present in the fragrance collection. It can be a spring garden with trees strewn with flowers against the backdrop of the vast expanses of the blue ocean full of freshness; or maybe an image of a free wind, a sea breeze, carrying with it notes of a blooming garden.

Perfume Kenzo Medley

This is an unusual option that has an incredible property to fill the mind with euphoria thanks to the smells of orange blossom and pink pepper. In the heart note — flowers of rose and heliotrope, in combination with incense, they endow with a magical property to enchant. This effect is greatly enhanced by cedar, musk and the exciting sweetness of vanilla. A woman who possesses this fragrance knows her own worth and with the help of it emphasizes her sensuality and strengths.

Top notes: orange flower, pink pepper.

Middle notes: heliotrope, rose, incense.

Base notes: vanilla, cedar, musk.

The cost of Kenzo Medley reaches 95 USD.

kenzo medley perfume

Perfume Kenzo Amor

It is a flight of sensual love and exciting fantasy. Together with this fragrance, you seem to be going on an extraordinary journey through the countries of India, Japan and Vietnam. This new perfume for women by Kenzo starts with a note of blooming flowers. And in the heart note you will feel the exciting flowery shade of sakura and the slightly tart delicate smell of white tea with incense. Next, you will be enveloped in an air trail of vanilla and tanaka wood scents.

Top notes: red jasmine, flowers.

Middle notes: cherry blossom, white tea, frankincense.

Base notes: wood, rice, vanilla.

On average, the cost is 55 USD.

kenzo amor perfume

Perfume Kenzo Jungle

The fragrance carried by the Kenzo Jungle perfume contains the energy of the unbridled nature of the wild forest of the jungle and independence. They will suit a self-confident woman, mysterious and a little mystical. Exotic hints of mango, tangerine and patchouli interspersed with spicy scents of cumin and cardamom. Slightly sweet and extraordinarily sexy notes of these French Kenzo perfumes will emphasize your femininity and uniqueness.

Top notes: cardamom, mandarin.

Middle notes: clove, cumin, ylang-ylang, heliotrope, mango.

Base notes: vanilla, licorice, patchouli.

The cost, on average, is 90 USD.

kenzo jungle perfume

Perfume Kenzo Le Par

Cheerful, airy aroma carries the image of a wave sparkling in the sun’s rays with crystal clear drops. They will envelop you in a cloud of tender and quivering cedar, vanilla, fragrant flowers and fragrant mint.

Top notes: mint, cane, lilac, tangerine.

Middle notes: pepper, violet, rose, amaryllis, water lily.

Base notes: vanilla, cedar

The cost reaches 60 USD.

le par kenzo perfume

Perfume Kenzo Flower

This is a fragrance for a modern city woman who needs the energy of nature as a source full of inspiration. Clean, unusual, exciting — their floral scent will excite emotions and emphasize the quivering nature of women. This Kenzo perfume is also called «poppy» because of the signature poppy image on the box and bottle.

Top notes: hawthorn, blackcurrant, rose.

Middle notes: fragrant resin opoponax, jasmine, rose, violet.

Base notes: white musk and vanilla.

The cost, on average, is 60 USD.

perfume kenzo poppy

Perfume Kenzo Magnolia

The unprecedented beauty of the oriental magnolia flower inspired the perfumer to create this variant. This sacred flower blooms in spring and becomes the decoration of brides in Asia. The elegant fragrance caresses with a gentle, ephemeral trail of warm breath of east winds with notes of champaka, heliotrope and spicy bergamot.

Composition: bergamot, citron, heliotrope, coniferous wood, champaki, vetiver, musk.

The price starts from 50 USD.

perfume kenzo magnolia

Perfume Kenzo Le Par — oil perfume with pheromones from Kenzo

This enchanting fragrance with a delicate scent of aquatic jasmine envelops and draws you into the sensual world.

The roll-on applicator is very handy for applying perfume in the folds of the arms, behind the earlobes and on the wrists. The smell is not sharp, very gentle.

Main notes: water jasmine, mandarin orange, amaryllis, frozen mint, green lilac, water lily, white peach, blue cedar, vanilla.

The cost is about 15 USD.

perfume with pheromones kenzo