sock hat

Our appearance often depends not on the basic clothing, but on its elements. For example, a hat is what makes a demi-season and winter look complete.

Women’s sock hat: fashionable and comfortable

Every season there are new items in the world of headwear. Sometimes it seems that everything has already been invented, but the imagination of designers is inexhaustible. Who would have thought that an ordinary knitted sock hat could become so popular?

This model looks very stylish and concise. By the way, the hat got its name from the sock: it also has a wide edge and tapers smoothly.

The hat is suitable for youth, sports and casual style. It is better for middle-aged women to refuse such a model or wear it only for out-of-town events in nature. Although, if you are a little over 30, and the hat really suits you, you should not deny yourself the pleasure of wearing it. Hats with a toe go well with down jackets, jackets, they do not fit classic clothes or fur coats at all. Feel free to wear it with jeans, tracksuit, sneakers. Designers recommend wearing some models with coats and even dresses, but in this case, you should think carefully about your appearance, because what looks good at fashion shows does not always fit well with our everyday life.

Do-it-yourself knitted sock models are considered the most fashionable. So, if you don’t have the opportunity to buy a designer thing, then just become a designer yourself.

How to wear a trendy sock hat?

There are several options for wearing this headdress:

  1. Put on a sock hat as usual and lower it slightly at the back of the head.
  2. The image will become a little playful if the tapering crown is lowered to its side.
  3. Casual style will be perfect if you put on a hat to the eyebrows, and pull the crown up. The back part can cover the neck, or it can end just below the ears.

The knitted cap-sock fits well, does not bulge, so you will not have any problems with putting it on, you will feel comfortable and easy in it. In addition, a certain negligence in the manner of putting it on is welcome, i.e. small faults will be forgiven you.

How to choose?

First of all, it is worth deciding what you will combine such a hat with. Most likely, such things can be found in your wardrobe. She should match her outerwear in style, but gloves, a scarf, leggings, stockings, and a bag can make a pair in color for her. If you are not a fan of bright colors, then buy a black sock hat. She will also help you out if you prefer a colorful wardrobe, but do not want to buy several hats.

A youthful sock hat looks great with long hair flowing over the shoulders, emphasizes a romantic and sometimes dramatic look. You can leave the bangs open, but then you need to choose a shallow model.

Well-known manufacturers offer their own options for beautiful, warm, stylish hats. Hat-sock «Nike» and «Adidas», firstly, are made very high quality, and secondly, they have a variety of colors, with which it will not be difficult to look cool.

Sock caps for girls are available in thin and thick, plain, colored, with prints, with buboes, rhinestones, and other additions. At first glance, a simple sports cap can be the highlight of your outfit.

Who will suit?

In principle, there are no more prohibitions except for the age taboo. Depending on the type of face, you can choose a more voluminous or thinner model, deep or shallow.

If you have a high forehead, then buy a large-knit hat, light knitwear will suit owners of small facial features and a small head.