Small women's wallet

This type of wallet includes small folding models and coin boxes. In small women’s wallets, the bill is usually folded in half when closed, or even put there already in the folded state. Almost all models of a small women’s wallet, designers are trying to decorate and choose an original solution.

Small wallet — what can it be?

Even modest sizes can be presented in such a way that a simple wallet will become a very stylish accessory and addition to the wardrobe. Small wallets are concise and businesslike, bright and stylish.

  1. If you need an accessory for a small business handbag, then look for small women’s zippered leather wallets. This is a miniature version of the standard wallets with a simple design and classic shades of brown, black and beige. Sometimes discreet and stylish predatory prints look good paired with simple forms.
  2. A small women’s wallet can be a great companion for parties or evening outings. Here, designers can afford any of the most daring decisions: all possible shapes and materials are used. There are pot-bellied mini-handbags made of fur and silk, models made of beads or sequins.
  3. A small wallet in a youth version is usually very colorful and perfectly complements the urban style. These are all kinds of textile models with prints, finishing with a touch of ethnic style in the form of tassels or leather laces. If this is a laconic model made of leather or leatherette, then the color is usually bright: pink, turquoise and yellow, orange and blue.

A small wallet is convenient when you take a small clutch with you, or simply do not want to carry a handbag at all. Sometimes it is the accessories that are imperceptible at first glance that can add something new to the everyday look.