silk shawls

In the world of fashion accessories, a silk shawl is by no means a novelty; it is a time-tested and generation-proven attribute of a traditionally female wardrobe. A silk shawl, rightfully considered the epitome of femininity and sophistication, it will easily transform an ordinary everyday ensemble at any time of the year.

Women’s silk shawls are popular among celebrities and movie stars, and stylists and designers use the accessory as a bright accent in their images. Thanks to this, modern fashionistas have no doubts: in order to look stylish and irresistible, you cannot do without a silk cape.

What to wear with fashionable silk shawls?

Contrary to popular belief, a silk shawl will be appropriate not only in a cool summer wind, but also quite suitable for decorating an autumn coat or jacket. Of course, it will not save you from cold and wind, but it will complement the composition and emphasize the individuality of its owner.

Women’s silk shawls are presented in a wide range, and some models are so beautiful that they deserve the title of real masterpieces of art. Delicate high-quality silk, original and colorful designs in the form of ethnic ornaments, abstractions, geometric, floral or animal prints, a variety of colors – make the choice of a suitable shawl really not easy. The design of the product sets the mood for the image, emphasizes the style.

A properly tied shawl will skillfully hide figure flaws. An excellent option for girls with broad shoulders and full arms is a shawl draped over their shoulders. Also, with the help of a silk cape, you can hide extra centimeters at the waist and hips.

Particular attention should be paid to the design of the product, the color scheme and ornament of the shawl will determine how harmoniously it will fit into the ensemble. For autumn Provence, deep jacquard and classic restrained shades are suitable, to create a summer look – original abstractions and ethnic motifs.