silicone watch

Today, a watch is not just an accessory that helps you always arrive at exactly the appointed time, but an integral part of the female image. If earlier jewelry with leather or metal straps was the most popular, now the list of trends has been replenished with one more material. So, silicone watches not only look unusual and stylish, but also have a number of advantages, which every owner of this beauty will be happy to tell about.

«Highlights» of women’s watches with a silicone bracelet

  1. Hypoallergenic. The main and, perhaps, one of the most significant advantages of such an accessory are its hypoallergenic properties. First of all, we are talking about high-quality silicone, which is absolutely harmless to health. And this suggests that at the end of the working day, after wearing the watch for a long time, not a single woman of fashion will find redness on the skin area where the silicone bracelet was, and will not feel itchy.
  2. Durability. Silicone, unlike many other materials, does not stretch and does not change its shape even after several years of active wearing of an accessory made from it.
  3. Ease. Fashionistas love silicone watch straps also because they fit perfectly on a sophisticated girl’s hand and do not squeeze it. And, besides, they are so light weight that throughout the day you do not feel them on your hand. To the above, it is important to add the fact that the material does not cause sweating, and therefore it can be easily worn in the hot season.
  4. Water resistance. No wonder sports models are made from this material. Such a strap is not afraid of water or any other liquid. Moreover, water-repellent properties will help keep the accessory clean: wipe it with a damp cloth, and any dirt disappears in an instant.
  5. Variety of choices. A white watch with a silicone strap in fuchsia, menthol, coffee, cappuccino colors — a design of such beauty is famous for its riot of colors. Thanks to a wide color palette, you can choose an accessory for both casual wear and business style. Many models are decorated with application of stones, rhinestones, metal inserts.

Women’s Sports Silicone Watch

Separately, it is worth mentioning the waterproof watches made of silicone material. Their main feature is not only low weight (about 10 g), but also a display that is not afraid of moisture. With such a gadget, you can safely conquer the depths of the sea.

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