silicone shoe pads

Silicone shoe pads are one of the most useful inventions of our time. They can reduce the load on certain parts of the foot, increase cushioning, have a massage effect, and prevent chafing. Also, even the simplest silicone pad prevents the foot from slipping in the hot season, which already makes the shoe much more pleasant to wear.

Types of silicone pads for sandals and closed shoes

  1. Silicone foot pads. They are small inserts (no larger than a palm) with an adhesive base, which are attached to the toe cap of the shoe. They can be divided according to their functions. Meeting today:
  • ordinary — medium density and thickness, usually used so that the foot does not slip;
  • massage — have a corrugated top, stimulate blood circulation when walking, soften the sensations when walking;
  • with an arch support — inserts with an orthopedic effect, with a bulge that repeats the shape of the foot;
  • drop-shaped, with a pillow — these silicone foot pads are ideal for shoes with high heels (since in such models the greatest pressure is on the foot, not the heel);
  • silicone pads for flip flops — they have a vertical partition into which the jumper of the flip flops is inserted, they are suitable for both low-speed and heeled models and not only reduce the load on the forefoot, but also prevent injury to the area between the toes.
  • Silicone full foot pads. They are invested in both open and closed shoes. Due to the transparency of the material, they are almost invisible (although there are models with a cheerful pattern — for example, in a blue flower). Also on sale there are models with some features:
    • ordinary — reduce the load, prevent the appearance of corns and calluses, do not allow the leg to slide;
    • with a fabric coating on top — for those who are uncomfortable with contact with silicone;
    • with seals in the heel and toe area.

    Sometimes in specialized stores there are cooling insoles. They are made of silicone and filled with a liquid gel inside, and can be covered with a beige fabric on top. Before use, silicone cooling pads must be placed in the freezer for 20-25 minutes. They are used for severe fatigue, prolonged stress, swelling of the feet, and just on hot summer days.

  • Silicone pads for high arches. Needed if the foot does not fully fit into the shoe, and there is a gap. Reduces pain while walking in high heels, neutralizes ligament tension. Can be worn to prevent flat feet.
  • Silicone heel pads. They are worn mainly with low-speed shoes, in which the load goes exactly to the back of the foot. Perfectly save from corns and calluses. Can be used to slightly lift the heel. They are flat or with an additional side along the rear edge.
  • Silicone heel pads. They are small inserts that are attached to the back of the shoe. With them, you can not be afraid to rub your feet even in new and unworn shoes! They practically do not affect the size (unless, if the shoes are very tight).
  • Caring for silicone pads

    To keep the earbuds clean and tidy, it is enough to wipe them with soap and water as they get dirty. If you decide to completely wash them, then you must definitely dry the pads in a natural way, sticky side up! In no case do not wipe the base with a towel or paper — the particles will stick and the insole will not stick.

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