silicone shoe covers

The problem of corns and corns, unfortunately, one way or another, concerns every person. After all, even if the new shoes fit in size, the unworn material is still quite dense and presses. First of all, this applies to summer shoes that must be worn on bare feet. Therefore, lovers of sandals and sandals suffer most often. Also, in summer a big problem is rough heels and foot pads, which are trampled in open shoes and, having hardened, crack. This leads to very uncomfortable feelings. And if you start and do not take action in time, then an infection can get in, and serious complications will begin. To solve these problems, designers offer to put silicone linings for shoes.

Silicone pads for shoes from corns

Today, there are a large variety of silicone liners for different parts of the foot. Of course, you can also purchase a silicone insole, which will solve the problem of corns on all surfaces for sure. However, in very hot weather, such an insole can float, which is also not very good. Therefore, knowing your weak points, you can buy yourself a soft pillow that will protect your legs. Today, the following liners are considered the most commonly used:

Silicone heel pads for shoes. Such an accessory can be in the form of a small pad that exactly follows the lines of the heel and is applied directly to it. And also, such an overlay can be with a loop that is put on the foot and fixes the liner. The latest model also protects the straps around the leg from chafing.

silicone slips for shoes1

Silicone toe pads for shoes. The places between the fingers suffer from corns most often. Therefore, silicone fingertips will come in handy for those who have such a problem constantly.

silicone slips for shoes2

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