silicone insoles for shoes

Walking in heels is an art. Those women who daily have to endure discomfort and pain in their legs for the sake of attractiveness and beauty will especially agree with this. Fortunately, modern specialists have taken care of our health and well-being by creating silicone insoles for shoes. The most interesting thing is that there are many varieties of this product. All that distinguishes them is the purpose for specific areas of the foot.

If we talk about the advantages of such a material as silicone, and not gel, it is important to mention that it prevents slipping on the sole. In addition, due to the elastic properties of the material, there is no discomfort while walking. Yes, it improves circulation. The undoubted positive side of silicone should also include the fact that it is not capable of causing allergic reactions, and also prevents the development of fungal diseases.

Silicone insoles for high heel shoes

To date, there are a considerable number of types of insoles. At the same time, they are all attached under the forefoot or along its entire length. Some use them if the shoes are too wide and the foot slips when walking, and someone seeks to soften the base of their favorite shoes. As you know, the higher the heel, the greater the load on the foot. Having bought an insole, you can forever forget about pain, calluses, corns and foot slip.

Silicone half insoles for shoes with heels

This type of insoles is especially suitable when the foot has a high instep. It removes the load from her, as a result of which there is no fatigue in the legs at the end of the working day. True, the first time it is impossible to find the “right” position for the half-insole on the sole. Considering the question of how to use this type of insoles for shoes, it is recommended to begin with, without gluing, install it under the foot, align the position under the toes, metatarsus. Do not stick until you feel comfortable while walking.

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