Secrets of sexy fragrance

From time immemorial, women have tried to engage in one very important and responsible business — the art of seducing a man. And during this time, the fair sex has accumulated many interesting and effective techniques that work flawlessly.

One of the most powerful influences on the psychology of people experts consider the smell. The aroma really affects the receptors of the brain, and depending on what character this aroma has, human behavior also changes. Sharp, rough and «cold» smells have an invigorating effect, while «warm», enveloping and gentle, on the contrary, relax.

What does «sexy fragrance» mean: male and female look

Surprisingly, if you know the masculine and feminine perspective on a sexy and pleasant fragrance, then it will not always coincide. If most women find sweet smells pleasant, then some men will not agree with this, and will give their preference to slightly rough and at the same time plume women’s perfumes that have a delicate rich aroma. Usually marketers call this category of perfumes «sensual».

Women, on the other hand, not knowing and not feeling this fine line between “sweet” and “sensual”, make their dressing table cloying, suffocating aromas that are pleasant in the first 5 minutes, and then begin to be too intrusive for others.

What ingredients make a fragrance sexy?

If you blindly believe the advertising of perfumes, then you can be sure that there are only magical perfumes around that cause passion, make a woman an attractive and independent superwoman. But in fact, most of these fragrances most often disappoint customers — not that the number of fans has increased, no one has even given a compliment! And this is at best, because perfumers are sometimes so carried away by the idea that they create fragrances that are completely unbearable for many people, like Red Moscow.

So, in order for the fragrance to be pleasant and attractive, it must have several notes of a different nature:

  1. Tenderness. Delicate notes are usually floral. What kind of flower it will be depends on personal preference (for example, jasmine, snowdrop, lily of the valley, magnolia), but it should not sound harsh and cloying, because its goal is to bring lightness to the perfume.
  2. Sharp notes. As a rule, it is the berry shades that give a little sharpness to the perfume. If it does not exist, then the composition can be very cloying and of the same type.
  3. Cold notes. Citruses, sandalwood, mint — these ingredients give the fragrance a little freshness. Just one such component is enough so that the sexy perfume does not turn into an obsessive and unpleasant smell that you want to dilute with a breath of fresh air. This category is one of the most important for creating a voluminous and interesting fragrance.
  4. Warm notes. Vanilla, cinnamon, amber — these ingredients give warmth to the aroma, but if there are too many of them in the composition, then you need to pay attention to whether it is enough Secrets of sexy fragrancelist of cold notes that compensate for this sweetness?
  5. Musk — the basis of a sexy fragrance. So, this is the last ingredient on the list and the first in importance for creating a sexy fragrance. Musk is produced by the glands of some animals, and it is amazing that musky scents are considered to be the sexiest ones. Without this ingredient, the perfume does not start to play with different colors, does not leave an attractive trail and does not last very long. Therefore, this component is simply indispensable for creating a memorable and sensual fragrance that will have different shades — depending on the additional cold, warm, harsh and delicate notes.

These characteristics create a win-win picture of a voluminous fragrance that takes on different shades over time. Today there are a lot of perfumes that do not meet these parameters, but there are also enough of those that combine all 4 shades (in different proportions) and, most importantly, a musky base.