scarf collar

A spectacular scarf is a good way to create new looks every time. One coat, but with the help of different scarves and accessories, you can think of new combinations for the whole week and come in a different look every day. Knitted collar scarf is a relatively new model in the wardrobes of fashionistas; just a few seasons before he gained wide popularity. You can purchase this accessory in the store or knit it yourself.

Scarf-collar or mini-snood: pros and cons

This is a convenient solution, as the variety allows you to choose any size, shade and color of the product. It is comfortable to wear with both outerwear and dresses. You don’t have to tie the collar and come up with stylish knots, just fold it in half and put it on. Saves time and always looks stylish.

But unfortunately, this accessory can significantly spoil your image if you choose the wrong thread and color. So the first step is to learn how to wear a knitted collar scarf:

  • if you want to wear it over a turtleneck or a thin knit dress, then choose a light wool or mohair yarn;
  • for warm sweaters and dresses made in large knit or sewn with their dense warm fabric, a thick thread model is more suitable.

Scarf-collar: choose a style

  1. A scarf in the form of a pipe is very popular today. This is a versatile accessory that can serve as both a scarf and a hat. This model is knitted from woolen, half-woolen or mohair threads. Sometimes very thick threads are used and then this is a more decorative option.
  2. Snoods are now at the peak of popularity. This is a synthesis of a hood and a regular scarf. It perfectly warms in cold weather, can be used as a headdress. For the off-season, models made of acrylic or cotton are suitable; in winter, it is better to give preference to wool or cashmere. Thick threads, boucle and mohair make voluminous scarves, and light flying accessories are knitted from special airy yarn.
  3. There is also a model of a scarf-collar knitted in the form of a collar. It is often used to decorate a dress or tunic. In this case, the product is used only as a collar, and it is selected to a greater extent for a certain outfit.
  4. A fur collar scarf is a good solution for giving outerwear a more elegant look. For example, for every day you can buy an ordinary coat, and for a special evening, decorate it with beautiful fur around your neck, add chic leather gloves with fur trim.

Learning to wear a knitted scarf-collar

First of all, choose the texture and color for your clothes. If you want to choose an accessory that will be as versatile as possible, give preference to multi-colored models. Just select the things you want to combine with the scarf, and then choose melange threads or just a pattern in the right color scheme.

As for the options for serving, only your imagination works here. The «pipe» is straightened on the shoulders or laid on the neck. Sometimes a hood and even a turban are made from it. Snood looks very stylish in combination with leather jackets, denim jackets with fur lining and knitted cardigans.

To make the image festive, choose a collar scarf in white, milky or coffee shades, pick up a pair of gloves for them. These shades go well with black, brown and gray, which are most often found in the color scheme of winter outerwear. If you want to create a more dynamic look, choose bold purple, lilac, green or blue shades according to your color type. And every time you will look stylish and new.