We are all used to seeing doctor’s bags in their hands, but for several years these stylish bags have hardly left the catwalks. And this is not at all surprising, because their expressive and elegant form simply cannot leave any girl indifferent. In addition, the fashion for retro style has recently returned and New Look dresses and, of course, bags, which many of us are familiar from old family photographs, have reappeared on the catwalks. Therefore, handbags, which have recently been more common in the role of travel bags, are now again, one might say, returning to the hands of fashionistas. Let’s take a closer look at what a bag bag is this season and what it is best to wear with, so that it really fits stylishly into the image and brings its own branded “zest” to it.

Women’s handbag

The form. The bags are slightly different in shape. Some are a little more angular, while others are a little more rounded. Choosing a form, you can rely solely on preferences. It is worth noting that the special convenience of a women’s handbag is that it always keeps its shape and at the same time is quite roomy, which allows you to put a lot of different things you need in your bag and not worry that its shape will not change for the better. side, as is often the case, for example, with bag bags.

Color spectrum. This season, it is best to pay attention to trendy handbags in neutral colors. Brown, white, marsh, gray, black. All these shades will be in favor this fall, as they fit perfectly into the rainy landscape and at the same time are universal colors that will suit any outfit, as they will not be the main color accent, but only a stylish addition. But sometimes in the rainy season you want something bright, and this season you can also afford bright bags. For example, orange, yellow or red.

Materials. The most preferable, of course, is a leather bag. In general, bags are usually made of leather, since this material keeps its shape well and at the same time lasts a very long time, so you will have enough of such a bag for more than one season. A leather bag looks very elegant and feminine, and it will bring these qualities to any of your looks. In addition, a pleasant advantage of leather is that bags made of it do not get wet in the rain, which often likes to please us in autumn.

What to wear with a bag-bag?

Perhaps one of the main advantages of such a bag is that it goes with everything. You can choose a discreet and feminine dress for her and you will look elegant, but you will get an equally elegant look if you put on jeans, a shirt and a jacket.