Road beautician

Those who pick up a suitcase at least once a year to go on a trip, a business trip, to a country house or a hike, of course, know how convenient it is when all cosmetics are at hand, when they are conveniently and ergonomically folded. A travel makeup bag is a lifesaver for any woman, with whom she feels confident in any situation.

What should a travel makeup bag contain?

Naturally, for each girl the set will be individual, but there are several universal things that you cannot do without:

  • toothbrush and paste;
  • face and hand cream, face cleanser;
  • tonic or thermal water, a few cotton pads;
  • shampoo and other hair care products you need;
  • manicure supplies, nail polish and nail polish remover;
  • shaving machine or epilator;
  • tweezers for plucking eyebrows;
  • comb and mirror;
  • deodorant;
  • wet and dry wipes;
  • minimal set of decorative cosmetics;
  • daily pads.

What else should be in your cosmetic bag is up to you, but this minimum will help you feel well-groomed on an airplane, train, in a hotel, and even in a camping tent.

What cosmetic bag to choose?

This accessory should not turn into a travel bag, you need to buy a small but roomy cosmetic bag. Be sure to pay attention to the fabric when buying – it is better that it is dense and waterproof. Polyester or leather cosmetic bags can be equally stylish and comfortable.

Whatever the cosmetic bag – large or small, it should have many compartments and pockets with zippers and studs, a hook or eyelet so that you can hang it in the bathroom of a hotel or hotel. Many girls prefer travel folding cosmetic bags – they are multifunctional and suitable for all kinds of trips.

Modern fashionistas will like branded cosmetic bags. For example, the Wenger travel cosmetic bag will satisfy the requirements of the most demanding beauty.