Ring box

Jewelry is perhaps the most desired gift for most women. However, not only the ring itself is important, but also the environment in which it is presented. Such, at first glance, an optional and inexpensive accessory, like a box for a ring, can help the giver create a romantic festive atmosphere.

Types of boxes

Often this accessory is used in those moments when a man, declaring his love, proposes to a woman. The ring chosen the day before can be given without a case, hidden in a clenched hand or even lowered into a glass of champagne, but in most cases it cannot do without a box. The most common variation is a ring in a red box. The square case, upholstered on the outside with red velvet and on the inside with white satin or silk, looks solemn. The shape of the case can be different — round, oval, rectangular. If we are talking about an engagement or wedding ring, you should buy a box in the shape of a heart.

Gift boxes for rings can be made from a wide variety of materials. The most popular is plastic. By itself, this material looks unsightly, so it is hidden under a beautiful fabric. As decor, figurines of angels, butterflies, artificial or natural flowers, beads, glass beads are used. The inside of the box is lined with soft material, which has a slot. It is necessary in order to fix the ring.

Despite their popularity, such accessories cannot be called original. But wooden boxes for rings are another matter! Made antique, they resemble miniature caskets in which jewelry is stored. In addition, the subtle smell of wood can add spice to the solemn atmosphere when presenting a gift or declaring love.

original boxes

Rings are a gift that does not always indicate love feelings. If we are talking about a gift for a friend, sister or colleague, you should pay attention to the original boxes for rings. They can be both universal and thematic (for example, in the form of a cake for a pastry chef or a book for a reading lover). Unusual creative boxes for rings will serve as a place to store jewelry. It’s great if the ring box is backlit, which enhances the impression.

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